About us

Wonderful.cz is a place where we believe that nature and beauty understand each other

Allow women to pamper themselves with help luxury natural products – this is the idea with which the e-shop Wonderful.cz was created. We believe that organic cosmetics not only smell wonderful, but also work great. And we know that every woman has the right to be beautiful without wearing a small chemical laboratory on her skin. That is why you will find cosmetics without harmful chemicals with us, but with a story.

The only perfumery of its kind

Just as every bottle of natural cosmetics has a story, so does Wonderful. We love perfumery. But in their illuminated shelves, we mainly found mixtures of silicones, parabens and synthetic dyes in price tags with dizzying digits. We were missing an offerluxury, purely organic products. We decided to change that. We are building the first Czech perfumery with purely natural cosmetics and perfumes. A place where nature lovers and women who take care of themselves will be happy to return.

Exclusivity available

We carefully select and test the brands in the assortment to offer you only the best. We focus onsmaller, niche manufacturers whose products are not widespreadné, but it deserves even more attention. We are well aware of the mysterious appeal of exclusivity and luxury, which tend to be even more attractive if we do not spend the full pay on them. The products you will find with us are therefore also acceptable for your wallet..

Important values Quality and storyh

Choosing brands is not just an automated process for us. We are interested in all our suppliers. We examine the composition, we look for the origin and story of the founders and the quality of the products, of course we test on our own skin. We will not lie, we really enjoy this part!

What we guarantee for our products?

Careful selection allows usGuarantee that beauty can really come from nature. For our products, we put our hand in the fire for:

  • They are high quality and you can count on their effect
  • they do not contain harsh chemistry or a trace of pollutantsch
  • comes from smaller manufacturers and family businesses, for whom nature and great results come first
  • And behind them is a meaningful story you will feel like you are part of something beautiful and exceptionalo

We are taking a step towards the future

Our philosophy is to commercial productsthere is always an alternative that is more gentle on nature and your skini). We believe that natural or organic or organic will be new conventional in the coming years. On the one hand, we have no choice if we want to exist on our beautiful planet for centuries to come, but most importantly: what are we closer to than naturepřírodě?