BORAGO Officinalis



Rating: Great

Origin: Plant


Effective positive component, against brittle nails plasticizer, skin conditioner.

Thanks to garno-linolenic acid, the brutal disease relieves skin diseases. It is used in neurodermatis, ie atopic exema, especially in the form of oil. Brutate oil is recommended to combat dry or inflamed leather. People with a tendency to neurodermatis usually suffer from enzyme formation disorder and their body cannot create the aforementioned gamma-linolenic acid. By regularly combating a brutine, they will gain this necessary substance. The brutal also contains silicon, which is important for the nourishment of the cartilage of joints and healthy hair and nail development. The brutal stem works mainly for the adrenal glands in internal use. The decoction is used in urinary tract inflammations, respiratory diseases and coughs, in inflammatory and ulcer diseases of the digestive tract, where due to diuretic effects, it helps to alleviate watery swelling of the limbs.

The stem contains mainly mucilages (up to 30 %), tannins, resin, saponins, minerals (mainly calcium, potassium and manganese), vitamins (especially C in fresh leaves) or amino acids. The seed contains many garnalinolenic acid.