Bamboo arundinacea

Bamboo huge


Rating: Great

Origin: Plant


Effective positive component.

Conditioner for skin and hair, matting component, moisture -retaining component, nourishing hair follicles, strengthening hair, toning and moisturizing the skin, rejuvenating and regenerating effect, anti -cellulite, protective function, pulling pores, strengthening the nail plate.

Bamboo arundinacea, Czech bamboo belongs to the family Lipnicovité (Poaceae). Bamboo is a type of fast growing grass.

Bamboo powder is made of bamboo or its sap. Bamboo powder is an excellent means of care for body and hair, but also for pain reducing. It has regenerative, remineralizing and calming abilities.

It is mainly used as an additional component for cosmetics for problematic and dry skin. It promotes the healing of acne bearings, their good scarring.

Due to its antioxidant activity and the ability to protect skin cells from oxidative stress, bamboo powder is added to anti-aging cosmetics. It reduces wrinkles visibility, helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and gives it a cultivated look. It stimulates collagen synthesis and takes care of balanced skin pigmentation. It can also be used in the means for treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.

Bamboo powder also provides natural skin protection against adverse weathering and makes it more resistant to adverse factors. It acts as a skin exfoliant, confusing.

In body cosmetics, it promotes better product spreading and helps support its nutritional properties. As a component of hair cosmetics, bamboo powder is suitable for hair wraps and masks, but it can also mix into Ayurvedic powdered shampoos.

It contains silica (up to 90%), which gives hair volume, helps their regeneration, strengthens them and prevents their mechanical damage. It is suitable for dry hair care, maintains their balanced hydration and smoothes them. It gives them a feeling of softness and a healthy, pleasant shine.

In addition to body and hair care, bamboo extract is also used in decorative cosmetics such as face powders, blush or eye shadows, cover makeup. It has a high absorption capacity.