Anacardium accidentale

Western kidney (cashew)


Rating: Great



A means of care for the skin.

Skin conditioner, softening.

Safe, if used according to the instructions, individual intolerance is possible.

Cosmetics are mainly used by cashew oil or cashew extract. It fulfills the role of the skin conditioner and its derivative can also act as an emulsifier. The oil is cold pressed by means of a mechanical press. It is rich in vitamins A, D and E, which care for skin health and slow premature aging.

The oil helps to restore skin cells, gives the skin brightness and cultivated appearance, acts against wrinkles, maintains balanced skin humidity, fights the development of inflammatory lesions in problematic skin and treats skin infections. It can be found mainly in anti-aging products, dry skin care products and body and hair cosmetics.

The cashew is a slight risk for allergy sufferers in cosmetics, otherwise it shows good tolerance. Is vegan, allowed in organic cosmetics.