Ze smyslu pro vůně, z lásky k parfémům: zrodila se hvězda.

From the sense of scent, from the love of perfumes:a star was born.

What does it look like when you discover a love of scents, authenticity and courage in a single personality.l!

Synonym of authenticity

No hair, but a wider cordial and elegant smile. A woman who has had a condition called alopecia, in which she has lost her hair and, in fact, part of her sense of smell. Her hair had not grown, but her sense of smell returned, and because she had enjoyed the scents since childhood, she decided to continue to develop this sense. After years of experience working in the cosmetics industry, studying chemistry in Sweden and the perfume trade in Grasse, France, finally she created her own brand of perfumes and also decided to throw away her wig and be her own..

Smell as a way of breathing

According to the creatoris fragrance more than perfume, which you apply before you leave home. For Linda, scent is a way of breathing. From an early ageshe felt a certain harmony as she could smell the scents of the surrounding nature. It is thanks to her determination and passion for the world of fragrances that perfumes have been created that are as intoxicating as Linda's story. Make sure that even niche perfumes, composed of natural ingredients, can be perfect.Iconic and romantic at the same time ...

Fish and Sweden

Peaches and suede? Playful, light and tasteful combination of the mentioned tones with blue freesia, white peach and sandalwood. Result Ach. A floral scent full of fruit and sophisticated moods. The charismatic, crunchy and sweet personality of this scent is grounded by the milky base of the sandalwood. The emphasis on the soft skin of the fruit is underlined by light gray suede. As beautiful as the memories of a long summer.

Lavender & amp; Wool

Lavender and wool A perfume that clearly won the prestigious awardsDaisy Beauty Awards 2018. In which category of fragrance should we say: categories for true gourmets. Slightly autumn mood, which is enhanced by the cosiness and embrace of French and absolute lavender in combination with black pepper, chocolate, patchouli, milky tones, balsamic fir, cardamom, sage, cedar and cumin. In short, a favorite, stunningan all-encompassing perfume that is highly addictive.

A trembling rose

Vibrant roses, which shakes even your sensitive nose. The most classic of Linda's perfumes is her favoriteá queen of flowers forms not only the name of the scent.Pink fireworks with three kinds of roses, black currant, carnation and sandalwood, it was created out of love for this charming and beautiful flower. There are hundreds of roses and that's why it's so hard to choose one. So the author created a fragrant cloud of roses and let her heart choose..


It is at all possible to resist the smell that bears the word in the nameKisses and to everything in elegant French Promising and extremely seductive a mixture of petitgrain from lemon, ginger, jasmine, beeswax and amber is made special by an inconspicuous, almost invisible pinch of chocolate.Oriental floral fragrance for lovers who have one great love. Life.

It seems that not only in France, remarkable scents are created from the hands of real artists. Stars are often born on occasion, and so is Linda. Like a shining, yet modest rising star in the world of perfumes. And last but not least, we can't decide on one of the four unique Linda Landenberg fragrances, each of which tells a story. Maybe yours..