Základ v péči o pleť: na odličování a čištění záleží

The basis in skin care:make-up removal and cleansing matter

Whatever type of skin you have, yours can shine with purity, vitality and beauty. What is the secret of well-groomed and simply beautiful skin? It is a care that you give it daily comprehensive care, which includes not only hydration, but above all proper make-up removal and cleansing. You are bothered by problematic skin, blackheads or dull skin The answer may be improper or careless treatment that can be easily corrected we bring youvám instructions on how to transform your skin using a properly set up beauty routine. It's time to shine!

All those cleansers, soaps, conventional masks, make-up removers and milks are not needed. Yes, your skin doesn't really need them. The more you overdo it with the use of these helpers, the more you hurt the skin, because you deprive it of the protective film and its wonderful properties, such as regeneration or self-cleansing.So what is the key to well-groomed skin Surprisingly, they are good old daysoilsthat we love in Wonderful.

The method your skin will fall in love with

imaginesimple and gentle cleaning and make-up removal in a single step, which, in addition, lovingly cares for the skin andsupports its ability to detoxify, regenerate or protect.This is exactly what OCM is,oil skin cleansing method(Oil Cleansing Method. Yes, we really mean it oil – and even forcleansing oily or acne skin. The oils act as perfect solvents for impurities, but at the same time they provide nutrition and hydration to the skin. The result isdeeply cleansed and delicate skin.Benefits Reduction of blackheads, sebum and problematic skin manifestations. In short, a change that will make you look forward to looking in the mirror..

How to do it?

You can remove make-up or cleanse your skin daily withoils.Special oil mixture heated in the palms, just apply to the skin and indulgeanti-stress full face massage for a few minutes. Thistechnology dissolves impurities thanks to oil and it gets them out of the pores, so you can feel the bulges of dirt between your fingers that you get away from the skin. Finally, after the massage, soak your face towel in hot water and let it rest on your skin for a while. The steam opens the pores so that you can use a towel to remove any residual oil from the skin. Traditional skin is clean, perfectly removed and silky soft.You have just given her the gentle and pleasant care she deserves.

What mixture to use?

And what to use to remove make-up and cleanse the skin quality vegetable oils in a pre-prepared mixture. The base may be castor oil. If you have dry skin, use only a small percentage, oily and problematic skin can withstand up to 30 in the mentioned oil base. The second oil will be the base and most of the mixture. You can use virginolive or jojoba oil, they are also popularhemp, apricot, almond or coconut oil, of course always in BIO quality, cold pressed. Finally, just add rarer types of oils that will provide the skin with all the benefits dart or argan oil.You can use the blended oil base to cleanse your skin daily, even in the morning and evening. It is enough to apply flower hydrate for toning and finally serum, cream or other popular oil on such cleansed skin..

In just a few weeks, you will notice a visible change in the skin, which brightens, stabilizes and unifies.

WONDERFUL TIP:If you don't want to mix your own oil mixture, or your oil base doesn't suit you, give it a tryBeneficial make - up oil fromLODAÏTÈSS, which we perfectly liked in Wonderful.This darling combines olive oil with desert date oil and you can use it in exactly the same way as the OCM mixture, with the only difference that you moisturize the skin. This way you will remove and cleanse the skin in a single step while maintaining its moisture. After use, you will be pleasantly surprised by clear and soft skin without the feeling of oily. In addition, the oil is suitable for all skin types..

In short, the oil method of cleansing the skin is one of the beauty hacks that you will easily like. Your care will be greatly simplified and your skin will bloom ... and in the end it will be beautiful even without make-up.