OCM Skincare: A Simple Solution For Clear, Makeup-Free Skin

What’s the secret to simply beautiful skin? It’s daily, comprehensive care, which includes not only hydration, but above all proper make-up removal and cleansing. If you struggle with problematic skin, blackheads, or dull skin, your solution may lie in improper cleaning and treatment. But don’t worry, this can easily be fixed. Here are some Wonderful tips on how to transform your skin by establishing a beauty routine.

Believe it or not, you don’t need all those cleansers, soaps, conventional masks, make-up removers, and milks. The more you overdo it, the more you can strip your skin and deprive it of its protective layer that already self-cleanses and regenerates. Our solution lies in the use of oils.

What Is OCM?

The oil skin-cleansing method, or OCM, uses oils to purify the skin – even for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Oils are perfect solvents for impurities, and at the same time provide hydration. The result is deeply cleansed and delicate skin. Other benefits include the reduction of blackheads, sebum, and problematic skin manifestations.


How Does It Work?

You can remove make-up or cleanse your skin daily with oils. You can heat the oil between your palms and gently massage it into the skin. Then, soak your face towel in hot water and let it rest on your skin for a while. The steam opens the pores and the towel will remove any residual oil on the skin.

What Oil To Use?

And what to use to remove make-up and cleanse the skin? A quality vegetable oil in a pre-prepared mixture is best for the skin. For example, the base may be castor oil. If you have dry skin, use only a small percentage, as oily and problematic skin can withstand up to 30% in the aforementioned oil base. You can use virgin olive or jojoba oil, or hemp, apricot, almond, argan, or coconut oil. Organic and cold pressed oils are the best quality. You can use the blended oil base to cleanse your skin daily, even in the morning and evening. It is enough to apply a flower hydrate for toning and finally a serum, cream, or other oil on cleansed skin. In just a few weeks, you will notice a visible change in the skin, which brightens, stabilizes and unifies.



WONDERFUL TIP: If you don't want to mix your own oil mixture, or your oil base doesn't suit you, try our Beneficial Makeup Oil from LODAÏTÈS. This favourite combines olive oil with date oil and you can use it in exactly the same way as the OCM mixture, with the only difference that you moisturize the skin. This way you will cleanse and moisturize the skin in a single step. After use, you will be pleasantly surprised by clear and soft skin – without that lingering oily feeling.