Wonderful testování: Elixír mládí. Jak fungoval vybraným testerkám?

Wonderful Test: Elixir of Youth. Reviews by Selected Testers

Elixir of youth. Our favourite serum with the scent of neroli and supposedly fantastic effects. Rejuvenating caress. Yes or no? So we called the most professional testers of all: you. We selected three ladies who had a unique opportunity to test the serum from L’ODAÏTÈS on their skins. How did the tests turn out? 

A mixture of active ingredients that aims to conjure smoother, firmer and clearer skin. Regeneration, hydration and unification. Does the combination of prickly pear and apricot oils perform miracles? Is this the anti-ageing potion not to be missed? We let the three of you indulge in a routine with the Elixir of Youth for more than a month. Authentic results are finally here!

Kristyna_Bubu: The result is fantastic!

"I won the serum and tested it regularly for about a month and a half. It is packed with rare substances and does everything it promises - the skin is smooth, firm, so nourished, but in short, really nice. I think you may have noticed that my face is smooth and even. Honza even told me! And that says something! I used the oil in the morning and the evening - I sprayed my skin with pink flower water, and I massaged two drops into the moistened skin. Then I usually applied my regular cream. I enjoyed the application; the smell is intoxicating! "

Iiivyja: Nourishing and brightening effects are recognizable after one use!

"It's been a month and a half since I've been using this Elixir of Youth I've won. Its scent is intoxicating, directly aromatherapeutic. But I believe that for someone who can't stand strong smells, this can be a bit of an obstacle. I used the elixir every day, sometimes only for the night, sometimes for the day. Its nourishing and brightening effects are recognisable after one use! That nutrition is unbelievable. The skin is as if softer, elastic, and you can see it right away! The cloud between my eyebrows shrank. Unfortunately, during testing and even now, I am undergoing treatment with potent retinoids, so the fact that my skin desensitised as after botox, I do not know what to attribute. Anyway, my skin is dry after retinoids, and this oil serum saves me! The only disadvantage I see is that it is only 15 ml and a bit pricey. I have almost used it up after a month and a half."

Sarka Chadimova: The skin is beautifully hydrated and fluffy. 

"I had the opportunity to test the serum. I'm 35+ and have combination skin. I have sensitive eyes and eye area. I only used it in the evening. The skin is beautifully hydrated, fluffy. I haven't noticed a decrease in wrinkles, but I've only been using it for a month. I also used it around the eye area. At first, my eyes watered slightly, but over time it was okay. I used it on damp skin and tapped my fingertips; the serum beautifully absorbed in a moment. One press of the pump was enough for my facial treatment. The serum has a delicate scent. I would surely recommend buying."

We sent our bestseller to our testers who could enjoy intimate moments with it: just them, their skin and darling of beautiful skin: Elixir of youth. Perhaps we have made you happy by testing because authentic reviews are what we enjoy and what we will continue to promote. If you would like to become our tester, follow us on social networks and respond to the post in which we regularly look for testers of our products. Become a part of our Wonderful World!