WONDERFUL TESTING: The two household cleaners winning over your heart, and your home

Just how wonderful is the “fragrant fighter” Pierre d'Argent, the environmentally-friendly helper for your household? How wonderful is the scrubber extraordinaire, Savon Noir? We let several of you invite Pierre and Savon Noir into your homes to test just how well these eco-friendly household cleaners work. In short, thanks to both, dirt stood no chance. First, let’s introduce you to them.

Pierre d'Argent will remove even the most stubborn dirt in your home. It’s a unique, universal cleaner made from claystone, which cleans, polishes, and removes grime – even from materials like brass, copper, silver, gold, stainless steel, and tiling.

Savon Noir is like a French gentleman who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. With what? Well, with cleaning, that is. This magic soap is great for a really gentle, but effective cleaning. Feel free to use it for cleaning leather covers or shoes, just as you would use it instead of pet shampoo. (Yes, it’s that gentle.) It washes floors and all surfaces, and is even so versatile that it can handle household and garden pests. Just mix it in a solution with water and you can spray it against aphids and other unwanted insects.

But what did our testers say?

Denisa Toufarová: I was pleasantly surprised to see how it handled the sink.

I got the opportunity to try products from Wonderful.cz. At first, I tried the white claystone on stainless steel, silver, cookware, and my induction stovetop. But it is also suitable for the entire bathroom, including tiles. It smells of lavender, and while working with it, I went back to my childhood memory of when my mother polished brass containers. I was pleasantly surprised at how it handled the sink. The result is great. I will definitely try other applications as well.



Kateřina Linková: I already bought supplies for my whole family.

I won a cleaning miracle. The opportunity to test this product is great. Thank you again @ wonderful.cz for allowing people to try this product, in a way that is somehow a middle ground between natural products and household chemical cleaners. I can say that natural is scoring points here. The clay paste is great. It cleaned a window sill that was long gone to me, for which even ordinary sand was not enough. The extra scent? It’s great, and I've already bought supplies for the whole family as a gift.

And the olive concentrate universal cleaner Savon Noir is less fragrant for me, but for example in the cottage it was great, or perhaps also for travel. You pour a little into one bottle and you have a solution for handwashing, cleaning, dishes, and more. I also read a tip: if you dilute with water and put it in a syringe, it will keep aphids away from your flowers.

Petra Kvasnovská: The sink looks like new.

When I won the #pierredargent and #savonnoir products at @ wonderful.cz, I was so happy. Mainly because I got to try Pierre and see if it's really a miracle, like I read on Instagram. We had to choose which products we would like to try and in the end Wonderful sent both, for which I thank them.

Both are 100% natural products, so some may at first be struck by the price (compared to some competitors, which are full of chemicals). But if we want to be eco-friendly, we often have to pay extra. I don't pay too much attention to natural products (moreso in cosmetics, where nature does me a better service and I see better results), but I was curious if a natural product can handle what I haven't achieved with household chemical cleaners. I knew exactly what I was going to test the Pierre d'Argent on: things I couldn't clean with a regular product or ones I was afraid to clean with brute force. I immediately tried it on my induction burner. It had a crust on the surface that I couldn't clean in the usual way. And wonder of the world, a miracle happened and the crust went down without much effort. Then it pleasantly surprised me again when I used it to clean the sink, which again looks like new. And last but not least, children's sneakers, which were faded and colored from everything possible, especially sand. The color didn't go down – neither Cif, nor the washing machine helped. Only a little bit of Pierre was enough to get the job done. For me, this was a great discovery and I can highly recommend it.

Then it was Savon Noir's turn. I read everything it can be used for – for washing, washing floors, and all kinds of surfaces. I saw it helped one Instagram user fight aphids. It’s just a versatile cleaning product. I didn't try it on aphids because we don't have them anywhere, but I washed the floors with it. It cleaned the laundry without any problems, and it was enough to use only a little. The floor was also beautifully clean, but I don't see anything in this product that would enrich my household, except that it is natural. Plus, it doesn't really smell good to me. It is without added perfume and smells naturally of olive soap. So I will definitely not return to this product in the future – unlike Pierre, which I will be happy to buy in the future.


TIP: Thank you to our testers for honest reviews and trying out our natural household cleaners. If you also want to get involved in the regular testing of our products, all you have to do is follow us on social media. When we are looking for a fresh batch of skilled testers again,  you can sign up. We’re looking forward to it.