Wonderful rok – chceme krást srdce dalších sto let!

Wonderful year - we want to steal the heart for another hundred years!

Tradááá, Wonderful celebrates a birthday!

It's exactly the year since the first completely natural perfumery of its kind was born from an inspiring idea. Welcome to our world and here is a little look back on the first year of Wonderful. And when you read to the end, a surprise awaits you!!

It's not an idea as an idea. At Wonderful, we believe that dreams should come true, so last summer an eshop and a stone shop were born, even though at the beginning there was a crazy idea about something big and amazing. First steps, first customers, first brands ... and from a dream is a place where we welcome not only everyone who prefers natural cosmetics to conventional and of course who respects a healthy planet, but also everyone who has a cosmetic brush instead of a heart or just loves it the scent of perfumes and cosmetics just like us.my.

When dreams work

When a new project starts, you have no idea if it will be successful. But you know that with the right enthusiasm, enthusiasm and warmth in your heart, everything will fit like a puzzle. Maybe that's why you're with us. Thanks to you, our customers, who are our heart's desire, we were able to cast a spell in the first year. An eshop has been created, which we fill with new and new current content and we do not stop tuning it for you. And not only that. What about stone perfumery, a beautiful shop where it is a real pleasure to meet you and who has not been with us, stop by us. We are always happy to see you..

And that's still not all. At the beginning of the year, there were 5 organic cosmetic brands in Wonderful, the number of which we have now doubled, so you can choose from 10 amazing brands, for which we will put our hands on the fire. Two of them, our and your favorite brandsy L'Odaites andC.Lavie, were officially presented at pleasant PR events for journalists and editors of lifestyle magazines. Both meetings were a success, so we will continue. And happy. In fact, in everything we do..

Secrets of social networks

We know how important they are to you. We know that they are the bearers of the necessary information and an overview of current events. We are not lazy, we also work on our blog and social networks to make our website and social media profiles amazing. Not only can we let you know about the news or introduce you to your favorite products on a regular basis, but we are simply with you and among you, and what we will call ourselves social networks are the fastest feedback. Thank you for your interaction. We are part of the instragam and we try to make our account with love so that it is attractive and interesting for you. And we enjoy making videos on Youtube no less. We want to go with the times, but we want to communicate even more what is important to us. Videos are the key that helps us not only educate our loyal customers, but also those who have just come into contact with natural cosmetics or are just longing for change.měně.

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When thank you is not enough

In the first year, we thought about it. We have been constantly researching how to show you that we respect you and want to pamper you. That's why we like to create and invent advantageous promotions, discount and loyalty programs and much more. We have prepared a loyalty discount of 10 for the rest of your life, which will be obtained by anyone who spends over CZK 6,000 with us. We have also given away and continue to give away discount coupons worth CZK 200, just invite friends and acquaintances to also shop at Wonderful. And let's not forget, you can still sign up for an affilliate program and earn 10 of each sale through your channel, whether you blog, log in or have a website. And we will continue to pamper you, whether with promotions, discounts or advantageous packages of the best you will find with us. Just keep an eye on us so you don't lose anything.dete.

Time for a surprise

The first year is behind us and many more before us. Get ready, we're starting! We will soon introduce you to other brands of natural cosmetics. Look forward to mineral makeup, even more skin care and new premium services. You must not miss a make-up from a professional makeup artist or an interesting seminar where you will learn everything you wanted to know about natural cosmetics, but you were afraid to ask. Comprehensive know-how is waiting for you! That's because we know very well that beauty is hidden only in nature. And to celebrate our birthday with you properly, it's time for a toast! Buy amazing natural cosmetics, for example, instead of champagne, we are pouring a 20 discount on everything right now as a thank you for your support. And also for being WONDERFUL you are our world.vět.