Wonderful recepty, které zaručeně nakopnou a podpoří vaši imunitu

Wonderful Immunity Boosting Recipes

So that diseases and viruses don't stand a chance. There are so many recipes and recommendations, but they are the right ones. We bring a decent dose of proven tricks that will positively affect your immunity, either as a preventive measure or as a cure for the flu or cold. It's time to go against viruses by all means!y!

Tried recipes, thanks to which the germs will withdraw their army and move to a safe distance. What are they? The ones that our Julie tried and verified for you. We use them regularly, because thanks to them they avoid colds, flu or colds from a large arch. Some of them will warm up, others you may even enjoy..

Miraculous oregano

Oregano oil is such a small miracle for immunity. Its essential oil is strong antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, in addition it has a positive effect on digestion. The essential oil helps clear the airways and alleviate the symptoms of the disease, including infection. In addition, it will also come in handy if you are fighting nail fungus.This shituse it simply by adding a few droplets to the carrier oil, it may be virgin olive oil. Simply drink the prepared shot, use it daily. Dobromysl is simply a very good plant that will pass on its amazing properties to you! Be careful the oil is very strong, really 3 to 4 drops are enough..

Magic black without

Another helper that supports the proper functioning of immunity isstrong antioxidant black without. In the form of a syrup, you can also playfully get it in children who do not like conventional medicines very much. This sweet juicepromotes excretion, immunity and immunity. Immediate and effective help that you like. Syrup only pregnant and lactating women for whom it is not suitable should be avoided. How to dose syrup to adults Remember the password twice two– two teaspoons twice a day.

Necessary helper ginger

Who doesn't know ginger tea.You need fresh ginger, BIO lemon and honey. Pour hot water over the sliced ingredients and add honey, ideally honey from manuka. For faster healing and warming up you can add chili pepper. Infuse for 15 minutes and drink the finished drink as tea will help you if you are already sick.The substances contained in ginger help to warm the body, support digestion, and act as a stimulant.In addition, ginger is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it deserves your attention. And that's why it works.

Golden milk

Golden milk, you've heard of it This is a special drink that is healthy. It will help you with insomnia, skin problems and even germs. Its main componentTurmeric is anti-inflammatory. It contains a large amount of antioxidants and helps relieve physical and mental stress. Prepare it according to our recipe, in which it fights against infection Turmeric as a powerful antioxidant along with ginger, honey and coconut oil. Add hot milk or water. Prepare a tasty drink by mixing, after straining drink it as tea. It warms, soothes and expels germs from the body.You will fall asleep pleasantly, it is ideal just for the evening.That it would be routine?

Tomato tea

Realvitamin bomb, thanks to which you will be as healthy as a fish. Mix and heat tomatoes, garlic, water, lemon and chilli. The drink is full of vitamins and antioxidants. Thanks to garlic, it will support your immunity, thanks to chilli it will warm the body and help you sweat harmful substances and germs.In addition, fresh garlic acts as a natural antibiotic,therefore, include it regularly in your diet when you catch a cold.

What can you gargle??

You need to rinse your neck or it will scratch you and you want to relieve the pain Then you can prepare gargles completely natural and above all effective. Mix cayenne pepper with water. This red pepper is basically a spice ground from very sharp chili peppers. It reduces the outbreak of pain and helps fight inflammation. Another option isgargling saline solution. Prepare it by mixing water with sea or Himalayan salt. The salt has an antiseptic effect and reduces swelling. In addition, it delivers a decent dose of minerals directly to the site of inflammation. However, a solution of water and apple cider vinegar can also rid you of bacteria.And how often gargling Repeat twice up to three times a day until relief comes.

Refuel with vitamins

This will also help you in the first moments of a coldHoly Trinity, a suitable and proven combination of vitamins that will support the body in regeneration and the fight against bacilli. Enjoy not onlyvitamin C, but also vitamin D and zinc. But add to the vitamins as wellnecessary peace and rest – so that you do not cross the disease and allow the body to use its ability to regenerate and self-heal. Thanks to peace, you will have time to sweat and heal.

It all starts and ends in the intestines

Healthy gut, healthy immunity, healthy self.Therefore, it is good to supply the bodyprobiotics.Include fermented foods in your diet to support the microflora that is in your gut. This helps to absorb nutrients and, conversely, to remove toxic substances. Balanced intestinal microflora affects human health and psyche. Treat yourselfmiso soup, kimchi, sauerkraut full of vitamins or you will certainly not fool another goodness..

Breathe healthily, make home

Relieve your airways.You can also support your health through aromatherapy. Natural essential oils can also have a significant effect on the course of the disease. Some essential oils help with cough, relieve breathing problems, relax the nose and relieve headaches.Reach for rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender or mint, for example. You can use the oils classically in the aroma lamp. Another way to relax and unwind is with a bath or shower.You can add a few drops to the sea salt bath, if you prefer a shower, just apply a few drops on a cotton swab or cotton swab and place it in the shower tray. Not only will you enjoy a fragrant moment for yourself, you will also stimulate immunity and stretch the cavities.

And what to say in conclusion Mainly do not forget to think positively. Your mind has great power over your health, so pamper your body and mind. Indulge in time just for yourself and regularly dose fresh air, self-love and time with loved ones. Simple and easy: be and live WONDERFUL!!