Vylepšená, snová, (láska)vá k pleti i přírodě. Nová Miss W Pro!

Oh là là! Miss W is Back From Paris and She is Now a PRO!

The Ultimate Organic Makeup

Even natural decorative cosmetics can surprise with pigmentation, endurance, composition and approach to our beautiful planet. The new makeup line from Miss W that we love so much got even better! Miss W PRO is a professional quality organic makeup in a sophisticated packaging which is more aesthetic, practical and eco-friendly. It's a stunning organic makeup for enhancing your beauty while nourishing your skin. New, elegant and uncompromising Miss W PRO is a perfect replacement for old Miss W. More organic, more considerate and more pampering. 


The world is moving forward, and so are the manufacturers of natural cosmetics. Our favourite French organic makeup just moved to the premier league! The best organic makeup got even better! The new elegant and uncompromising Miss W PRO is more organic, more ethical and much more pampering for our skins. Are you convinced?

From Love for the Planet, Skin and Makeup

Responsibility to the planet impresses us. That is why at Wonderful, we carefully select brands that not only do not burden the environment with the production of conventional cosmetics, but on the contrary, also support our planet. Miss W PRO is part of the French company Nature.cos, which represents more than just beauty for makeup lovers. The company donates 5% of its profits to selected charities that are fighting for a better world. Some examples of supported initiatives and charities are Good Planet Foundation, The NGO Care, The NGO Handicap International, Sea Shepherd and others. The company believes that we are all connected and equally important: nature, animals and people. We like that as we feel the same way - and we are happy for every such brand that does not promise, but delivers action. We are always pleased to support such brands. Are we on the same page?


By donating 5% of its net profit to committed humanitarian associations and NGOs, the NATURE·COS once again demonstrates its solidarity commitment.

The New Miss W PRO is Out, and It Stands Out!

So what qualities define the new ultimate organic makeup? It's a mixture of three qualities; exceptionally professional, entirely organic and sparklingly electric. The first quality refers to exceptional pigmentation, which will surprise even those who have been afraid to try organic decorative cosmetics so far. Of course, Miss W PRO it is organic, pure and non-toxic. It won't give you anything you don't need in terms of ingredients, but it will provide you with skincare as an added value. The bottom line is quality. 

There are decades of research and improvement behind the creation of Miss W PRO because your beauty is worth it.

TIP: Try the new Miss W PRO silk powder. Its texture is nine times more refined than that of ordinary powders. The fine consistency on the face conjures up the effect of the second skin. The skin is beautiful, soft, and above all, it breathes freely.

Entirely Ecological and Biodegradable

How else will Miss W PRO please, and what is the main novelty? In addition to the new composition and a more extensive selection of products, shades and accessories, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the sophisticated packaging. Not just in appearance, but above all material choice. The trendy packaging dressed in black is entirely biodegradable - No more plastics. The material is PLA, biodegradable product from plant residues. So a new type of plastic material derived from plants and not a crude oil derivative. It's an organic material that saves nature and your conscience.

Nature.cos, a proactive French producer, was pleasantly surprised. Improved decorative cosmetics are proof that it is possible to combine ecological approach with health and beauty. After all, they underline everything as well as COSMEBIO® and Ecocert certificates, which guarantee that these are natural cosmetics untested on animals. And why try the novelty? This time Miss W PRO sticks to the password: show me your makeup, and I'll tell you who you are. Thanks to the composition of natural cosmetics and the knowledge that even makeup can pamper your skin, lipstick your lips and mascara your lashes, your beauty will fully blossom. You no longer have to compromise, but you can embrace genuine green beauty, nature and your true self. Even makeup can expose your true nature!