Oh là là! Miss W is Back From Paris and She Has Gone PRO!

Some make-up can still surprise you with its skintone-matching and long-lasting formula. That’s the case with the new make-up line from Miss W, which just got even better. Miss W PRO is a professional-quality, organic make-up which enhances your beauty while nourishing your skin. Our favourite French organic make-up just moved to the premier league.


With Love for the Planet, and Your Skin

Responsibility to the health of our planet is important to us. That is why at Wonderful, we carefully select brands that are not only environmentally-friendly, but also support our planet. Miss W PRO is part of the French company Nature.cos, which represents more than just cosmetics. Nature.cos donates 5% of its profits to selected charities that are fighting for a better world. Some examples of supported initiatives and charities are Good Planet Foundation, CARE, Handicap International, and Sea Shepherd. Nature.cos believes that people and the planet are interconnected. We feel the same way – and work with brands that don’t just make promises, but take action.

The New Miss W PRO Is In, and It Stands Out

So what qualities define this new, ultimate organic makeup? The bottom line is professional quality and exceptional organic ingredients. Miss W PRO’s quality starts with its  exceptional pigmentation, which will surprise even those who have been afraid to try organic cosmetics so far.

And Miss W PRO is organic, pure, and non-toxic. It won't give you anything you don't need in terms of ingredients, but it will provide you with skincare as an added value. Miss W PRO has COSMEBIO® and Ecocert certificates, which guarantee its untested on animals. Finally, its packaging is entirely biodegradable and ecological. So nore more plastics.

So why try Miss W PRO? There are decades of research and improvement behind the creation of this new line, because your beauty is worth it. Thanks to Miss W PRO, you no longer have to compromise on either professional quality or natural ingredients – you get both. After all, if you show me your makeup, I'll tell you who you are.

WONDERFUL TIP: Try the new Miss W PRO silk powder. Its texture is nine times more refined than that of ordinary powders, making the skin soft, and above all, allowing it to breathe freely.