Vlasy, pleť i tělo – nechte je okusit kouzlo přírodních olejů

Hair, skin and body - let them taste the magic of natural oils

Cosmetic oils are becoming more and more popular. They are a perfect natural resource andthey lovingly take care of the flawless appearance of the skin and hair. Buy a product containing natural liquid gold Lovers of organic cosmetics often read in the composition of the product, but in INCI it may not be obvious at first glance,, how the contained oils were processed. However, it depends on himefficacy of active substances, which oils contain and for which we adore them..

Their wide useplayfully puts conventional cosmetics in your pocket– Feel free to use several products at once. The speech ison vegetable natural oils. These are an essential part of skin, body and hair care, so they will replace several cosmetic products from your shelf. Learn to choose the right oils or cosmetics that contain them and enjoy themA beneficial effect on your beauty because it is not oil like oil..

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What to avoid

If companies want to maximize profits and offer a cheap product, then the production process of the final product also corresponds to this.The best form of oil processing is cold pressing. Gentle pressing preserves valuable substances and does not change the important properties of the oil, while careless refining or extraction deprives the oil of active ingredients and thus loses its nutritional or cosmetic value.

Cold pressing the oil does not deplete valuable substances, but its durability may be lower. Oils processed in this way are also referred to as virgin and extra virgin. Gentle processing without the use of high temperatures does not reduce the content of substances such as vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients.

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A beneficial elixir of youth

Refined oils are obtained by extraction using high temperatures and organic solvents. The process also produces a number of toxic substances that must be removed by subsequent refining. However, due to the method of oil production, it also loses its beneficial components. It is therefore a pure oil without the original taste and smell, with depleted quality.

přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, niche parfémy

What a clean and healthy oil looks like? It smells delicately and tastes like the ingredient from which it is made, for example, almond has a delicate hazelnut almond scent. The processing of the oil should always be indicated on its packaging. However, getting to know INCI finished products that oils contain here will help trust the brands thaté specific processing of oils in the composition state.There are brandies that prove the quality of individual ingredients by marking them with the appropriate certificate, thanks to which you can find the right onetreasure for your skin or hair.

přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, niche parfémy

Kingdom for beautiful skin

Oils for the skin and scalp should be applied ideally immediately after make-up removal or after a shower while still on damp skin. The result is not only hydration, but also a pleasant and surprisingly non-greasy feeling. The benefits of using oils are alsonutrition and desirable skin rejuvenation.Therefore, we always recommend the use of pure oils, their mixtures and products from them best those cold pressed for authentic and visible effects.

přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, niche parfémy

Strong and healthy hair

Beautiful Hair With Quality oils it's a toy.Pure oils are suitable for wraps and masks– just apply to washed damp hair and leave on for an hour in a scarf. Thanks to the heat, the active substances penetrate directly into the hair and will be shiny, firm and nourished. Some oil users even use oils before washing, eliminating the need to use a conditioner, just wash the oil thoroughlyt natural shampoo.Just find the right routine and regularity will reward you with healthy oneshair – in short, the beauty of nature.

How do you like the use of oils Do you have a favorite Write to us in the comments below the article your own ideas and tips.y.

Přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, bio kosmetika, niche parfémy, le serum, théophile berthon
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