Certified Vegan: Understanding Vegan Labels In Cosmetics

We love quality and natural cosmetics that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and everyone who loves the environment and the creatures that live in it. Even so, when it comes to vegan labels used in cosmetics, everything is not as it seems. Below, we explain what the vegan label is, and why you won’t find products in our e-shop with the vegan logo.

What Is the Vegan Label?

The green logo of the certified-vegan label cosmetic products indicates that both the ingredients and final form of the product have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal substances.

Why We Don’t Use Vegan Labels

The first reason why we do not sell vegan cosmetics, or cosmetics marked with the relevant certificate, is that these products must not contain beeswax or honey. We understand and respect the choices of vegans, but for us, beeswax and honey are valuable gifts of nature that provide healing benefits to consumers. That is why we do not reject cosmetics that contain beeswax or honey.
Secondly, while the vegan label certifies that there is no animal testing or animal byproducts relating to the product, the certificate does not take into account the use of chemistry in the product. This means that a vegan label does not necessarily mean that the product is natural and derived from plant ingredients. On the contrary, there are many products labeled in this way full of synthetic or hazardous substances. We find that oftentimes the vegan label can be misleading in this way, especially to consumers who are not aware of all the criteria. Therefore, make sure not to confuse organic cosmetics with vegan cosmetics.
Lastly, some certificates are used simply for marketing purposes. Adding a vegan label to a product makes it more marketable to consumers and drives up sales. This is not to say that all vegan cosmetics are bad. We just want to highlight that the label can be bought by basically any company that does not add animal substances to its products and doesn’t conduct animal testing.

So if you see a vegan label, do your research. Take an interest in other natural certificates and in the composition of cosmetics, and only then will you really know what you are buying.