VEGAN kosmetika - 3 důvody, proč nejsme fanoušky

VEGAN cosmetics - 3 reasons why we are not fans

We love quality and natural cosmetics and it is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and everyone who loves nature and animals. Nevertheless, we are not friends with the Vegan cosmetics label. Organic cosmetics can be vegan even without a sticker, you don't think? Many vegans and fans of "pure" natural cosmetics are looking for productsgreen Vegan logo, denoting the range as vegan. However, you will not find such a logo on our products. If you have a question WHY, we will be happy to answer. Not everything is glittering gold. And even with vegan certification, it's not as easy as it might seem.

What is a Vegan Certificate?

Přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, přírodní makeup, niche parfémy, vegan kosmetika The green logo indicates cosmetic and food products whose ingredients and final form have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal substances. And that's very nice we agree with you. So where is the buried dog Anyone who wants to buy a truly natural product should read on.

Reason number one bee miraclek

The first reason why we are not in favor of vegan cosmetics, or cosmetics marked with the relevant certificate, is thatthe products must not contain beeswax and honey. We understand and respect vegans and vegetarians who, for ethical reasons, love all animals equally.However, beeswax and honey are valuable gifts of nature for us, which are incredibly healthy, so we do not reject cosmetics that contain these substances. However, this does not mean that we do not offer products that do not contain them and are therefore suitable for you.

Reason number two and what about chemistrye?

Přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, přírodní makeup, niche parfémy, vegan kosmetika We have described the Vegan certificate. It grants himVegan Society, which, of course, sets out a number of criteria that the products must go through in order to obtain it. With our philosophy, this certification is enemies becausethe certificate does not take into account the use of chemistry. The Vegan logo does not necessarily mean that it is a purely natural product, derived from plant ingredients. On the contrary, there are many products labeled in this way full of chemistry and synthetic or hazardous substances. Therefore, do not confuse natural BIO cosmetics with vegan cosmetics, which may not be purely natural.That's why learning to read in composition cosmetics but about it again next time.

Reason number three marketingg

Přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, přírodní makeup, niche parfémy, vegan kosmetika Because a lot of youlonging forgreen natural cosmetics, some certificates are used simply for marketing purposes.Thanks to the Vegan logo, more cosmetics will be soldthan if she didn't carry the logo, that's clear. This is not to say that all vegan cosmetics are bad. We just want to indicate that the label can be bought by basically any company that does not add animal products to its products and does not test on animals during the production stages of the whole process, but no one will tell you how much chemistry you apply to the skin, so read and sharpen vegan. How not to get confused? Take an interest in other natural certificates and in the composition of cosmetics, only then will you buy what you are looking for, no matter what group you belong to..