Tři kroky pro krásnou pleť – zamilujte se do rutiny

Three steps for beautiful skin - fall in love with the routine

Imagine that your skin can be beautiful every day. No skin is perfect, but in its imperfection is its strength. Take a look with us atthree simple steps that lead to one to brighten and beautify the skin..

Step number one: Keep it clean!

Purity is the basis for growing beautiful and healthy skin. Proper skin cleansing will help herget rid of impurities in the form of particles resulting from industrial pollution, smog, climate and stress. A regular routine cleans the surface of the skin and the pores without preventing the formation of sebum or closing the pores because both are important skin functions that create a healthy environment and skin protection. You need to choose the right procedures and cosmetics some soaps and tonics can cause dehydration and skin irritation.y.

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So how to clean the skin properly? The ideal choice for maintaining skin balance iscleansing milk, oil orbalm. Such cleansing is surprisingly also suitable for oily and very oily skin prone to acne.Ordinary water, a gentle, greasy, natural-based and soft cleaning product will helpmake-up eraser, ie a towel designed to cleanse the skin, gentle on the delicate skin of the face. A skin towel gently removes dead cells. Thanks to this, the use of peeling once in a while is enough to achieve perfect results.Peeling You can combine it with a suitable cleansermask, however, be sure to use a facial steamer or a warm towel to open the pores before using deep cleansing.If you follow a regular ritual for clear skin, the reward will be balanced skin, which will not show redness, pimples or excessive grease.

Step 2: Protect your skin from dehydration

To get your skin closer to perfection, you need to focus on two aspects:moisturize and prevent water loss from the skin.Hydrating products nourish and soften the skin, but it is also necessary to pay attention to hydration from the inside and constantly replenish fluids. For brightened and hydrated skin, it is not enough to choose not only a quality and best natural product, but also ddthe rest of the drinking regime is preferably in the form of pure water.. It is suitable for keeping water in the skinapply oils,serum or other preparations for cleansed, still moist skin.This will not only really moisturize the skin, but will help it retain water. So how about proper hydration in a nutshell Moisturized skin, quality nourishing serum and the necessary moisturizing helper in the form of butter, oil or cream are fighters against dry, irritated and scaly skin.

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Step number three: Do not avoid problems, solve them

Skin problems are often caused within the body or in skin imbalances. There are many products for different skin problems, but not everyone really helps. Oneconventional cosmetics can be a skin problem. It promises to solve the problem by curing the symptoms, but thanks to the chemical composition, which is often harmful to your health, it causes more and thus unhappy skin gets into the carousel of ugly problems,which bothers her.

What seems like an endless unpleasant cycle can be reversed in days or weekspure organic cosmetics and revealing the cause of the symptoms. That is why it is important to learn to listen to your body,take care of the real causes and look for a product that does not burden the skin and does not cause further misery. Pay less is more here. Even problematic skin does not deserve suffering in the form of chemical dryers and an excess of cleansing, which in most cases harms it. Pamper your skin and treat it gently, tenderly and with love– only then will your skin be radiant and beautiful and above all healthy..

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