Secret Revealed: Mystery Box for the Month of October is Here!

What is guaranteed to brighten up autumn time? Maybe a good dose of joy and surprise! Here comes the  October Mystery box with wonderful preparations. What exactly is hidden in it? Limited content with a bombastic discount full of the best for skin and your beauty. Meet the autumn secrets finally revealed!


Every month we have a box full of surprising content for you - you do not know in advance what you are buying.
But you know how big a discount you get from us!

Mystery box is limited, so it is intended for our subscribers. You can just order it now ... once ... or subscribe to it regularly.
The box hides a real treasure - the content is always in the minimum value of CZK 3,000. To make the joy of surprise really maximum, with the first order the box is available for CZK 2,100 (30% discount) and with each new loyal customers will receive a 40% discount - ie each box for CZK 1,800. And a box full of miracles with at least one bestseller is worth it, isn't it?

A little can go a long way

The October box worth CZK 3,186 hides 4 treasures and one travel miniature. What is the real little surprise that brightens the skin this month?
A brightening mask from Oliv is waiting for you. It gently removes dead skin cells and impurities, improves microcirculation and oxygenates the skin. The composition will convince you of the effects on your skin: it contains white clay, aloe vera, jojoba, shea butter, olive leaf extract, carrot, green tea or perhaps eelgrass. A few minutes twice a week - and your skin will glow again. Like during the summer, even though it's autumn!


Fresh, hydrated and beautiful skin? Maybe now!

How to end a weekday so that the skin gets everything it needs? Refresh it! When removing make-up, it is necessary to cleanse and hydrate the skin. That's why fresh hydrating water from Oliv awaits in the package.

Contains cucumber, Edelweiss, green tea, olive leaf extract and aloe vera. It is refreshing throughout the day, thanks to which the skin will be clean, protected and ready for the care you want to give it for the night. And that's what it's about tonight, isn't it?


French gentleman at action again

L’Odaïtès. A magic word that we at Wonderful really adore! Not to mention that this is a bestselling brand that has stunned not only our senses, but also the senses of enthusiastic customers. And so that anyone who unpacks the Mystery box can give a radiant look at its amazing contents, we should not miss our new revitalizing eye cream.

This gentleman doesn't make empty promises, so you will definitely fall in love with him at first sight in the mirror! Thanks to the content of the patented dermochlorella, it effectively fights puffiness, circles under the eyes and wrinkles. The revolutionary chlorella extract is accompanied by blueberry leaf extract and date nectar, promoting a beautiful and fresh look - by beautifying sensitive skin around the eyes. In final result - firming the eye contours!

Beautiful and seductive lips? Playfully!

Underline your autumn look with beautiful lips. The seductive matte Miss W PRO lipstick awaits in the package. It is not just another lipstick - it is caring and free of toxic substances.


Shade 131 awaits its proud owners, those who pamper their lips, even though they are dressed in bold red with a touch of raspberry tones. Thanks to the oils, the lips are not only pigmented, but above all hydrated and supple and soft and so beautiful.

What more to add? You need this lipstick for your purse!


Autumn dose of greens

Do you need a daily dose of greens? Bet it on chlorella.


Chlorella in easy-to-use tablets contains vitamin B12, iron and iodine, amino acids, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

In addition to being a nutritional bomb, it is also a source of chlorophyll - making it a detoxifying agent. And what can it do? Because we can only use approved health claims by law, look it up online for the effects of exceptional chlorella. It's just great.

Why chlorella from Kiki Health? It is free of fillers and 100% pure - and is waiting in the Mystery box for the month of October. A BOX that will brighten up your autumn. Maybe? Actually for sure!