August secret revealed! What does the Mystery box hide?

Mystery box is something like our regular magic box full of exclusive gifts - it is here for everyone who loves surprises as much as we do (or for those who do not want to spend hours and hours on the e-shop and prefer to let us choose :)).

In addition, you can subscribe to mysterious boxes with wonderful e-chop, and mystery boxes will be waiting for you with an even more attractive discount. Today, however, there will be no talk of boxes in general, you'd better join in with us at summer unboxing.

What is hidden inside the August Mystery box? What nourishes your skin, what softens your hands and what fragrance do you prefer? Discover secrets with us ... maybe right now!

Health comes first? Of course!

Health and beauty come from inside - we like to say. And it is true! That's why you will find a green bomb for inner intake in the package: a 20g Superfood package from KIKI Health. What can it do? This is a green super-supplement of the all-in-one diet that will charge you for the whole day. It contains a mixture of plants, vegetables, sea vegetables, algae and bacterial cultures along with enzymes. And what about use? Add a green pinch to a juice or smoothie - and your wonderful day can begin!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has greatest skin of all?

The package must never miss a bestseller, a product that is above all expectations and we love it. You, us, everyone. This time in the box you will find ... an exclusive skin serum. An elixir of youth from L'Odaïtès. The only real elixir that works from the first use. How is it possible? It contains a special combination of active organic substances: prickly pear oil, apricot oil, fragrant neroli and strong rosemary. The result is regenerated, radiant and silky skin that looks visibly younger. It is a hydrating treasure that your skin will not want to give up - after all, read the reviews. Or are you already an addict? Then there is nothing better than unpacking the August box.

Horseshoe for luck? And what about two!

Fer à Cheval is our French favorite. Not to mention that it carries a piece of history! The original soap factory from Marseille excels in the traditional methods of saponifying oils, and we simply love all those amazing soaps that, unlike the usual ones, do not dry out the skin.

In addition to the fragrant toilet soap, you will find a practical and luxurious hand cream in the package. Cream that you can no longer give up. Afterwards hands are extremely nourished, hydrated and soft. Well, and of course fragrant.

What's small is cute. Miniatures are here!

Small packages have their own charm. They are suitable for travel or they become a great gift for a friend. That's why we packed a few small packages in the August box - and testing can begin.

Discover the beauty of Nordic nature with the Latvian Dabba and 3 miniature product packages.

But these are not the only miniatures that await you in the package - for even greater pleasure, you must not miss the set for beautiful skin L'Odaïtès.

It contains the best. Antioxidant invisible mask, gentle peeling and intensive anti-aging cream. And how to complete a beautiful summer box? We have packed a novelty for you for a wonderful view. You already know the new eye cream from L'Odaïtès, thanks to the formula you can finally try it. So, did you enjoy unboxing like we did?

P.S. Sometimes (mostly) the boxes are ... sold out in a flash. This is exactly why it is so convenient to tap the REGULAR SUBSCRIPTION button. You can cancel it at any time, but the feeling that you can start looking forward ... is priceless! We are looking forward to more unboxing soon.