Přírodní dekorativní kosmetika která předčí všechna očekávání

Natural decorative cosmetics that exceed all expectations

You know that up to 60 substances contained in the cosmetics you normally use are absorbed into the body. Unfortunately, these substances are not always completely harmless to the human body, especially if you use classic cosmetics containing synthetic ingredients. A really small amount is enough, and with continuous daily use, their negative effect on the human body multiplies. Fortunately, there ise natural decorative cosmeticswhich takes into account both the consumer and his needs and the environment. The one we are going to deal with today is calledMiss W.

Who is behind the creation of natural decorative cosmetics Miss W?

The Miss W brand was founded by a French proactive companyNature.coswhich adheres to socio-ecological principles. The company is focused on productionnatural decorative cosmetics. This means thatrespects man, nature and the environment and proceeds accordingly. He designs everything in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and therefore also focuses onecological design individual products and their packaging. As one of the few companies, it thinks of the future. Its commitment is not only to meet the needs of the current generation, but also to ensure that the needs of future generations can be met to the same extent. For this reason, it is constantly coming up with new innovations in the field of work processes, production, access to cosmetics and technology.

Highly pigmented and natural decorative cosmetics at affordable prices

The philosophy of the brand is to create high-quality products from natural substances, which at the same time:
  • saves the environment
  • they are strongly pigmented
  • do not irritate the skin
  • they have a long endurance
This brand manages to fulfill this in all respects. So you could simply say that Miss W's natural decorative cosmetics combine beauty with an ecological approach.

The quality of natural decoration comes first for you?

The fact that Miss W natural decorative cosmetics are made from natural ingredients is confirmed by certificationsEcocert and COSMEBIO. These organizations set strict and well-defined rules. In order to obtain such certification, natural decorative cosmetics must be:
  • natural, of course
  • not tested on animals
  • its packaging must be recyclable or biodegradable
The logos of these certificates can be found on each Miss W packaging.French brand Miss W is marked with a trademarkCOSMEBIO®, which is granted only to cosmetic products that are in harmony with nature and are completely organic, ie non - chemically treated. Therefore, you can be sure that no petrochemical derivatives have been used in the manufacture or processing of the products of this brand, and therefore you will not find parabens, mineral and synthetic oils, synthetic fragrances or dyes in it.

Miss W's natural makeup catches the eye of every modern woman who goes with the times

MarkMiss W is here for all demanding, courageous and confident women who care about the environment and want to actively participate in change for the better. Each of us can take this step forward. It is enough to have will, desire and courage.The reward for this will be perfect natural make-up with the right dose of pigmentation. Miss W breaks the differences between classic and natural cosmetics and is proof that even with organic cosmetics, the same results can be achieved as make-up from the largest professional brands.Plus with irreplaceable added value! Přírodní dekorativní kosmetika, přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, bio kosmetika, niche parfémy, Miss W