Nechte vaši pleť, aby se zamilovala: Přírodní anti-aging sérum – Le Serum

Let your skin fall in love:Natural anti-aging serum - Le Serum

One day, she met the fragile female skin of a French gentleman namedLe Serum. Just a few touches were enough, and every pore of her fell madly in love. But this was no ordinary affair. This is a long-term relationship and the skin of the face and décolleté just doesn't seem to like it.

Natural anti-aging serum from Provence

Le Serum is unequivocalsynonymous with luxury natural cosmetics.This wonderful naturalanti-aging serum is readywith love and respect for the skin – because each is unique. Proven manufacturer for yearsThéophile Berthon has developed to a whole new level since the sale of his own traditional soaps. In understanding cosmetics as a comprehensive means of help, joy and beauty, the manufacturer has moved on and started producingunique and purely natural products, which will attract at first glance not only with proper packaging, but especially with the composition and effects. The French charm is perfectly reflected in the concept of creating modern cosmetics, which the brand boasts.Texture and scent go hand in hand with efficiency and authenticity.It is the playful combinations of natural plant extracts that have gradually created something that you and your skin will easily fall in love with.

There is no serum like serum

After all, this is also proved by the incredibly soft and non-violent texturebestseller on behalf ofLe Serum. Absorption is so fast that you don't even have to say its name. If you thought the oil serum must be greasy, then let yourself be convinced otherwise. Le Serum is a 100 natural anti-aging serum. The composition is as simple as its use. Five wonderful natural oils are complemented by two types of seaweed, and that is the magic of rejuvenating magical fluids, hidden in a cute bottle with the necessary dropper. But let's take a closer look at what the serum is used for and what treasures are hidden in it. Le Serum has a regenerative effect, has a rejuvenating effect, hydrates and nourishes Seaweed extracts help improve hyaluronic acid synthesis and counteract collagen loss. Natural oils, in turn, act as antioxidants, in addition, they renew and nourish the skin. The feeling on the skin is pleasant and light. The skin does not stretch, it is not dry and changes are visible after only a few days. Shutting down is not just a vain promise of nature, nature does not lie. And these perpetrators are to blame:

Olive oil

Why southerners have such beautiful skin Because it contains olive oil vitamins A, B, C and E and perfectly hydrates. It is nourishing, softening and accelerates regeneration. Soothes weather-damaged skin, whether it's strong winds or hot sunlight. In short and well in Le Serum he could not miss.  

Avocado oil

Avocado oil, which is popular for, pays special attention to the skinsoothing and healing effects. Like olive oil, it promotes regeneration, so they complement each other in the composition as administrative partners.  

Apricot seed oil

ANDfor sensitive skin Cold pressed apricot seed oil is suitable. It is rich in fatty acids and easypenetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. It revitalizes tired skin and supports its elasticity. And that's what it's all about!  

Macadamia oil

Meet, this is braveprotector your skin. In addition to bodyguard, macadamia oil is also a useful servant to provide her with nutrition and hydration. It is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily film on the skin. Even the most fragile skin will appreciate it.  

Sunflower oil

No, sunflower oil is not only suitable for the kitchen.High concentration of vitamin E it makes him a helper who will take care of the nutrition, hydration and revitalization of the skin.  

Algae Alaria Esculenta

Extract this seaweedstimulates the production of hyaluronic acid,which helps maintain a youthful appearance of the skin. However, he has another superpower prevents collagen loss.And wrinkles or skin aging will not stand a chance.  

Laminaria Ochroleuca algae

The brown type of algae is sometimes called the golden algae. It's a knight whoprotects skin from damage from cold, sun or dirt.No one and nothing has a chance!  

Bottom Line

Love on the first drop It can happen to you and it doesn't matter how old you are. The morning and evening ritual should follow after cleansing the skin. On dry and clean skin of the face, neck and décolleté, just apply a few drops and spread. We warn you, however, that using Le Serum is addictive. We know this because we tested the wonderful natural anti-aging serum on our own skin.