L'Odaïtès, the Natural Anti-Aging Cosmetics We Love

L'Odaïtès natural anti-aging cosmetics was founded by three sisters who, thanks to their grandmother, learned about the art of botanical care from an early age. Their desire in adulthood was to bring to life cosmetics that would contain the best of nature. But the power of plants lies not only in healing and care, but also in their aromas. That is why they decided to draw inspiration from their childhood to create skincare that incorporates sensory memories.

The creators of L'Odaïtès continue to experiment with natural ingredients, using the extractions of plant components to create formulas that nurture your skin. Their success also lies in the processing technology of the plant components, such as using cold pressing or steam stripping. This is the only way to preserve the most important substances inside L’Odaïtès products. 


It is not always possible to deliver on the promises of the quality of the final product. But in L’Odaïtès formulas you will find at a minimum 97 natural ingredients. Quality guarantees easy absorption of active substances without disturbing the hydrolipid film and the pH of the skin, unlike conventional emulsifiers, which are found in conventional cosmetics. You simply won't find unwanted substances here. There are no silicones, parabens, mineral oils, or sulphates.

HEDVÁBNÝ KRÉM PRO OMLAZENÍInstead, you will find natural ingredients, like the date palm. The plant itself has the capacity to regenerate on drought-stricken land. You can experience the power of this plant on your own skin. It’s antioxidants, nutrients, polyphenols, carotenoids, essential amino acids and fatty acids can restore, regenerate, and nourish the skin deeply.

And besides their active ingredients for skincare, L’Odaïtès natural anti-aging cosmetics also contain aromas, like that of neroli. The smell of neroli, from the bitter orange flower, is not only pleasing to the senses. It is also anti-inflammatory. With L’Odaïtès, both your skin and your sense will be delighted.