Pigmentové skvrny? Nedejte jim šanci!

Pigment spots? Don't give them a chance!

Unsightly dark spots that definitely have nothing to do on the skin are pigment spotsy

Avoid them, fight them, turn with them! How to be inspired in our article, which will not allow pigment spots to continue to bother you with life or a perfect look.ž.

Meet.Pigment spots They are ugly and still dare to add you some extra years. Exactly so cheeky are the maple pigment spots, which are caused by the increased activity of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin. It absorbs UV radiation, it would not be strange, it is a matter of skin protection. But what if the sun is too much More sunbeams means more melanin. The result can be pigment spots, which appear most often on the hands, décolleté and face. And when can you meet them in the mirror most often According to scientists, people over the age of 40 are more susceptible to physiological changes. This is due not only to the change in the number of melanocytes, but also to the well-known genetics.ika.

Prevention as a basis

Who is ready is not surprised. This also applies to the issue of pigment spots. What is good to pay attention to and how to prevent their occurrence?

Hormonal balance

Scattered hormones are one of the many causes that can cause maple spots on your otherwise beautiful face. If you know you have hormones out of balance,we recommend that you visit a doctor first.This is the only way to find out what caused the hormonal confusion, because there can be several reasons.

UV protection

The sun is a friend, but only if your skin is well protected. Therefore, it should be part of cosmeticsquality UV filters, however, we do not mean chemical ones, but mineral ones. And wonder of the world, it's not just years. Choose a regular day cream or make-up with a suitable SPF to prevent pigment spots.

It's worth a trynatural sunscreen cosmeticsBiosolis. You protect your skin against premature aging and the sun can only caress you, nothing more can do. In addition, you caress your soul mineral UV filters are not harmful to the environment, nor to underwater fauna and flora. However, you know healthy sunbathing for you and nature equals no ugly pigmentation!tace!


Nourish the skin

The skin should be nourished and protected not only from the outside but also from the inside. Diet modification can work wonders. Food rich invitamins C, E, zinc, beta-carotene and selenium it helps to prepare the skin for sunlight all year round, in addition it keeps it healthy and radiant.

  • A source of vitamin C is fresh fruits and vegetables. Both will brighten up your diet.
  • Vitamin EIt gets your body from legumes, vegetable oils, nuts and leafy vegetables.
  • Zinc you can get it from crispy almonds or oysters, for example. Grind the nuts.
  • Beta-carotene will provide you with the well-known carrots. Autumn soup with ginger Warms up to one..
  • Selenium can be found in tuna, meat or seaweed. It also contains seeds, which are excellent as a garnish for salads or soups.

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And what if he shows up

Prevention may not always be enough, sometimes you will be attacked by a scarecrow named a pigment spot before you can embark as a brave fighter against melanin. Then comes the right time to let the helpers, who are perfectly equipped, turn around once or twice with the spots. This is because less pronounced pigmentation can be lightened or completely removed by using suitable cosmetics. It will proudly deny not only the existing spots, but also prevent the formation of new pigment maps..

Bet on nature

If you can't avoid the pigment creatures, try using themheavy caliber weapons. That's how she isMonthly line from French cosmeticsOliv It doesn't give my skin a chance. The natural composition does not lie the basis are olive leaves from Provence and other plant extracts. You will easily fall in love with the use of fragrant and untested Olives, but pigment spots will hate them.t.

Monthly facial care

Brightening cream will make your skin glow but without pigment spots. Natural ingredients reduce the appearance of spots by stopping melanin production. It is suitable for all ages, it is light on the skin and pleasant will definitely become a popular routine. Just apply in the morning and evening on clear skin. And the skin will be really clean. No pigmentation after all!e!

Monthly serum

High concentration of plant components inMoon serum modifies existing pigment spots, prevents the formation of new ones and even renews skin cells. The result is firm, radiant and clear skin. And that's what we all want, but no. It's enough to have a few drops ... and that's it..

Monthly toner

Monthly tonercan bravely wash with pigmentation in its own way. It lightly but thoroughly cleanses your skin, removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the application of cream or serum. In short and simply pigment spots they will no longer have a chance.

Pigmentové skvrny, oliv kosmetika, oliv, přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, niché parfémy