Perila olej přináší 6 benefitů v péči o pleť – chcete vědět, jaké?

Perilla oil brings 6 benefits in skin care - do you want to know what?

You have already heard about perilla shrubs And if not about this miraculous plant, what about perilla oil The favorite herb, widely represented in traditional Chinese medicine, comes from Asian countries. Her seeds are used to press perilla oil, another favorite of lovers of natural cosmetics. Why it is so special and what it can do Meet the oil, which brings many benefits in the care of beautiful skin.eť.

Strong man full of antioxidants

Shrub pearl oil is formed by pressing pearl seeds. Thanks to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidantsis popular in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.It is therefore used not only externally, but even internally. It alleviates respiratory problems, alleviates the symptoms of colds or allergies. It also helps with premenstrual syndrome or cramps. And the skin can immediately fall in love with similar wonders even when used externally. You want to know whyč?

Note: in the INCI composition you will find it as: Perilla frutescensns

Benefit number 1: Problematic skin Heal it!!

Perilla oil with lovetakes care of problematic skin. This is due to the composition of the oil, which is rich insubstances with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.This is due to the high content of linoleic acid, which happilyfights acne. It is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Helps speed healing, softens and maintains the skin. Even oily or combination skin deserves gentle care, do not dry the skin, rather give it the best. For example, perilla oil.y.

Benefit number 2: Mature skin loves nutrition

You may be surprised, but perilla oil will not only please the owners of problematic skin.Dry and mature skin he immediately falls in love with this caring oil. It's about one of the best treatments for aging skin – thanks to the omega-3 content. The oil has soothing and corrective properties, in addition it provides mature skinstrong antioxidant protection. In short, she will do everything for you to stay fresh and youthful for a long time. So in terms of skin. The rest is up to you..

Benefit number 3: Skin protection for every day

You want your skin to be perfectly protected every day. Then reach for perilla oil or natural products that contain it. The flavons that the perilla oil carries in its composition bring strong antioxidant activity for the skin. Thanks to her, the skinprotected from free radicals, which are one of the causes of premature skin aging.

Benefit number 4: Dehydration has no chance

From time to time, especially in winter, dry and dehydrated skin may bother you. But how to prevent water loss from the skin Perilla oil contains a compound that acts as a natural precursor to ceramides. This component plays an important role in maintaining the skin barrier, whichrá protects the skin from the loss of moisture and water. These are the reasons why perilla oil is suitable alone or as a composition of natural cosmetics in the care of dry skin, for example, the whole body..

Benefit number 5: Fighter for beautiful skin

Perilla oil is naturally rich in polyphenols especially rosmarinic acid and triterpenoids ursolic acid. It's aboute o natural molecules that have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties.Skin imperfections may not have a chance, so if there is perilla oil somewhere in the middle of your beauty routine..

Benefit number 6: Oil as a caress

It is not oil like oil. If you love skin that is, after applying dry oils, as if gently waxed, then you definitely must not miss perilla oil just try it. It's about non-greasy dry oil, which is pleasantly and very easily absorbed into the skin. This makes it a popular step in skin care ... and it's hard to tell if you're taking care of your skin or just stroking it.

As you can see, perilla oil is suitable for dry, mature, problematic and combination skin. With regular use of perilla oil products, your skin will literally glow The result of cuddling with this chicula is clearer, fresh and glowing vital skin. Simple and easy: be beautiful with perilla.