Peeling s granátovým jablkem od značky Biofficina Toscana

Pomegranate peeling from the Biofficina Toscana brand

With the Biofficina Toscana brand, you are already used to a unique onebuttery peels, which, due to their rich content of butter and oils, nourish the skin deeply, in other words, the products that fall intoThe traditional and classic concept of body peels: they require some time to relax and pamper!

Peeling with pomegranate brand Biofficina Toscana

This is something completely different WHAT MAY BE NEW OR UNIQUE! Basically, these peelings based on vegetable butter require only a little time to apply to your body and then just rinse. They will not leave any sticky and greasy feeling on your skin, after each shower or bath they will leave it pleasant to the touch. Therefore, it is suitable:
  • for individuals with dry skin
  • for those who just prefer the buttery texture of peelings
  • for people who don't like to apply cream after a bath
It is simply suitable for those who want to enjoy some time just for themselves every day.

Why Biofficina Toscana came on the market with a new peeling?

The answer is simple, everything about this peeling is completely different. We have always liked to be different, we like to create products that are different in something, new, but most importantly, special products always stand out in something above the others! In fact, peeling spomegranate it can boast not only the traditional properties of a common peeling, but it also has something extra, it is also a nourishing, moisturizing and cleansing peeling!

Let's start with the most important task of peeling: exfoliation

In other words, removing dead skin cells, regenerating and strengthening the skin. In addition, sanding old skin is especially needed at this time of year, when the skin needs to be pampered and ready for the coming autumn after summer sunbathing. The high exfoliating ability of peeling lies in the combination of different sizes of exfoliating particles, which consist of different but complementary substances such as:
  • organic pomegranate seeds
  • sea salt
  • sugar
  • bicarbonate
For peeling from pomegranates, a special powder obtained from sterilized pomegranate seeds is used with the help of heat treatment, which is made possible by the standards of environmentally friendly organic cosmetics. Sea salt is rich in minerals such as iodine and magnesium. Sugar grains are smaller than salt grains, making them less aggressive and a more pleasant component of peeling even in more sensitive parts of the body.

It's really a peeling of real pomegranates

It contains organic pomegranate grains as well as organic pomegranate juice, which revitalizes the skin for a complete regeneration effect. However, pomegranate juice also has astringent, regenerating and antioxidant effects, at the same time it nourishes the skin thanks to the proportion of polyphenols.Exfoliation this peeling is gentle, at the same time very effective and is complemented by the revitalizing ability of organic Tuscan pomegranate juice.

The second task of peeling is to nourish the skin, making it soft and smooth

Although it has a different texture than our other body peels, pomegranate peels are rich in vegetable butter, oils, beeswax and contain no water. Specifically, it is an organic olive oil that is loaded with essential fatty acids, phytosterols, squalene and vitamin E, as well as organic sesame oil, which is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid and other minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and castor oil. .The mixture of oils and butters perfectly nourishes and softens, thanks to its natural properties it is also a great antioxidant.  

Special properties of pomegranate peeling

All the functions described above are possible thanks to a single peel, in a very gentle and highly effective way.Let's say something about the special properties of peeling frompomegranates. He hasspecial texture, only from a pure mixture of oils and butters. Peeling workseasy to rinse, does not leave the skin oily or stuck in any way, on the contrary it leaves it beautifully soft and supple. The next most interesting effect iscleaning effect provided by a targeted combination of innovative plant-based active substances. Thanks to this, more are added to the peeling abilities:gentle cleansing accompanying the above-mentioned hydration and exfoliation. This means that it is not only a classic cleansing, during which we only get rid of something on the skin, but also a replenishment and compensation, which is ensured by the nourishing abilities and peeling substances already during the exfoliating and cleansing process itself. This is ensured by natural butters, oils and mineral salts.

Ideal peeling for dry skin

Pomegranate peeling is ideal for dry skin that has been chemically stressed for a long time, such as pool chlorine or frequent washing. Helps preserve the natural lipid layer. We recommend peeling as an occasional alternative to the usual organic detergent, you can use it together with other products, only on your chosen body parts and on the days you specify. You should not use this product too often either,since the whole idea of body care should be based on the effort to maintain the normal condition of the skin and on the effort not to irritate the skin too much.

The peeling of the Biofficina Toscana brand therefore manages several functions within one product

It is very easy and fast to apply and also wash off. It is an ideal choice for everyone living a hectic life and surpasses the classic concepts of caring cosmetics, which until now have always required more time to relax and demand a calm and quiet environment. This is exactly what was once typical of regular peels!With peeling frompomegranates brand Biofficina Toscana you only need a few minutes to revitalize, gently cleanse, exfoliate and protect your skinBecause taking care of yourself is important at all times, not just if you have the time. With our peeling, your moment can turn into a pleasant daily routine that you don't just have to give up!