Elementals: Discover the Exceptional Perfumes Inspired by the 5 Elements

When Deana Wyland-Fries – a feng shui consultant, teacher, and master of Chinese horoscopes and founder of Elementals – was little, she fell in love with the world of perfumes. Since then, she has lived and traveled on five continents, learned to speak five languages fluently, and uses her experiences to shape scents. Elementals, her brand, is the result of 20 years of experience and 10 years of research and development. Thanks to Deana, a marriage was born between ancient wisdom and the art of perfumery, with the intention to strengthen the life force in each of us.

“One day I ate a tangerine in a garden in Dubai and at the same time thoughtlessly smelled kumquat. That was the fateful moment when I realized that I had created Wood Chi in its most basic olfactory form. Suddenly I realized that I could use the power of scent to balance the elemental constellation of my clients, and so began a fantastic start to my journey,” says Deana

Ten years have passed since her first idea for a fragrance. In 2018, the brand was launched, and Elementals transformed the landscape of perfumes. Deana elevated the art of the perfume by searching for emotional elements in rare flowers, herbs, and spices in order to create perfumes that give the wearer an immediate feeling of well-being. It is precisely the ancient elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal – that are well-known in the teachings of feng shui. In this practice, individual human emotions, organs, or experiences can be assigned to a certain second, minute, or hour. According to Chinese teachings, each of us is born with an assigned element that controls our lives. If our element suffers from an imbalance, so do we. With Elementals, you can help introduce the missing element to restore your balance.

Deana says, “The secret of happiness, health and success maintains the perfect balance of elements around and within us. Smell is the strongest of our five senses because it is intrinsically connected to the brain. There are many tools we can use to increase the balance of elements in our body and in our lives. My experience has shown that there is no faster way to boost a person's energy or well-being than through the beauty of scent.”

Throughout our lives, we are attracted to the elements that are the key to our well-being, which is a basic prerequisite for choosing the fragrance Elementals. It's not about which element you are, but which you need. Therefore, you should follow your instincts when choosing an Elementals fragrance. Your body and senses should help you choose. The scents are, of course, suitable for both men and women. Elementals uses only the highest quality raw materials, macerated in organic alcohol. Each perfume is vegan, not tested on animals, and pure as the elements themselves...

Water is necessary for life on Earth. It evokes purity and freshness, bringing soothing with herbs and flowers along with water tones that nourish the soul.


Wood represents spring, growth, and creativity. It awakens the senses like a spring walk in the forest. Bold flowers and citrus tones perfectly elevate the energy of Chi.


Fire represents power and passion. It is sensual, explosive, and volatile. The smell is warm and spicy.


Earth is the center of everything. It gives us everything we need to nourish body and soul. The perfume is like a warm hug that perfectly grounds the body, mind, and soul.


Metal is like the spirit of autumn. The perfume boasts courage, strength, and inner wisdom, supported by the combination of pungent herbs, birch tar, and white flowers.


The latest in the Elementals collection is QUIAN, otherwise known as the Book of Change. The symbolism of the hexagram suggests that the treasure inside can be found through humility. The perfume creates harmony, contentment, and humility, with a blend of flowers, resins, and spices. Give it a try!