Reveal: What's in the Mystery Box for September?

There's an upcoming month and it is always a reason for joy. Not only, together with September, a colorful and fragrant autumn is knocking on our door, but we have also prepared wonderful Mystery boxes for you. A limited offer of boxes full of pampering products - a special price, for special customers - for those who love surprises! What will boxes please you with this month? We focused on beautiful skin and hydrated hands. Well, meet the September box for your beauty!

What is Mystery Box?

Get 5 full packaging of favorite organic products in a single box for 2100 CZK (this is a wonderful discount of  900 CZK). So, in September? There's only a few last boxes left, don't miss yours! Additionally, if you sign in to regularly subscribtion of Mystery box , starting from the second box you will always have a 40% discount with a fabulous 1800 CZK!

Practical mini package must not be missed!

Before we introduce you to  Five mysterious products, we have great news for you. As usual not only  Five full packs of popular and bestselling preparations from Wonderful are awaiting you, but also beautiful 3 Travel packages of Nordic skin care from Dabby.

Why? Because we know how important it is to try out the cosmetics to let the skin fall in love with it. Find out how great it is -  Dabba - Latvian brand, which combines Nordic plant treasures and know-how from the area of ​​their cultivation and combining for skin.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has driest hands of all? Certainly not you if you've ever tried these products.

 The hands are dried out daily - by cleaning, frequent washing and nowadays with the necessary disinfection. How to give them regeneration and hydration? That's what we thought, so in the package you will find a gentle Marseille perfumed soap from Fér and Cheval, the oldest Marseille soap factory. Fragrant soap can be used without fear by the whole family for the whole body, not just hands - and you will finally find that there are also soaps that do not dry out the skin, but pamper it. The fragrant helper for easier hand hygiene is perfectly complemented by Dabba's hand cream.

Thanks to hyaluronic acid and wild raspberry extract, this will really transform your hands. And if you can't get enough? Then we have a tip for you. Apply a larger layer of cream at night as a wrap - hide your hands in cotton gloves and after waking up you will be surprised. The skin will be nourished and hydrated - and your hands will simply be beautiful. 

French gentleman for those hard to please

L'odaïtès you already know well - and the French brand of Premium Organic Cosmetics as a surprise in the mystery box could not be missed. This time we've put in a soft but effective peeling. The one that does not irritate but rather smoothes. Thanks to honey and date powder, it cleanses without irritation, but efficiently. Aloe vera juice calms and hydrates. Well and the smell of Neroli? It leaves you to enjoy your ritual for beautiful skin. In the package you'll find one more miraculous product. There is a popular dry and irritated skin helper, which definitely will save you in the autumn and in the winter - miraculous roll-on balm With the oil of desert date and vitamin E it serves as a first aid for dry and irritated skin. Regenerates and softens almost immediately - just use it when needed and anywhere. Easy apllying thanks to the roller and small size to carry it anywhere you need.

Say goodbye to pigment stains

Summer and the unfavorable sunshine just lets   pigment spots to appear? Want to avoid it, right? That's why there is a first aid: Moonlight face care from oliv '. It is a brightening cream with plant extracts that effectively expell pigment spots from your skin.  A Must Have after all of the summer fun - thanks to this cream, the skin will brighten up and gain elasticity back. Perfect  composition with arbutin, Aloe Vera, Daisy, Edelweiss, lilac and other treasures, thanks to which the skin remains beautiful throughout the autumn. However, without pigment spots!

You like the September box with mysteries? Remember that when getting regular subscriptions you will have Mystery Boxes even cheaper. In addition, with certainty that yours will wait for you. Who can no longer wait?