Voňavé snění jméněm Florascent

A fragrant dream called Florascent

When you saynatural perfume, not everyone knows what to imagine under this term. Most of you may have questions in mind. Lasts natural scent on the skin Natural perfume does not spoil over time? Niche perfumeshowever, they are answers in themselves. Perfume craftsmanship has a tradition, and thanks to a deep knowledge of this magical art, impressive and high-quality perfumes can be created even from purely natural ingredients. And that's exactly what they create Roland Tentunian, founder and creatorbrandsFlorascent.

Smells should not be consumer goods

Perfume shouldn't be a dozen things that crowds smell like.Maybe that's why true fragrance lovers turn away from classic fashion brands, and slowly but surely they pave the way for niche perfumes. The word niche comes from English, in translation it means niche or niche. Niche scents are symbolized by this very expression, because they definitely do not go with the mainstream. Natural scents, produced by a real perfume craft with a story they are niche perfumesFlorascent. And one such story is also behind the art of Roland Tentunian. A six-year-old boy had breakfast with his family in the land of roses in Bulgaria. However, the seemingly ordinary holiday moment turned into a fateful one. The intoxicating and very delicate scent struck little Roland's sensitive nose. Buns with pink jam. And so love was born. Yes, that's exactly how a perfumer can fall in love with a scent without even knowing that he will become a perfume. She became a lifelong love for Rolandvě scent of roses. Later, on his travels, he began to notice more and more exotic natural scents. In Egypt he smelled of orange blossoms and jasmine, in Morocco of other roses. Later he logically studied chemistry and art. Thanks understanding of chemical processes Natural fragrances know how to ensure that the essences do not spoil. The modern perfumer, originating from Germany, has come to life perfectlyperfume art from the 17th century.And so he breathed lifethe unusual scent of Florascent.

Handmade niche perfume Florascent

Niche perfume Florascent are produced in packaging15 to 30 ml. These small versions are intentional not only to hide a small natural treasure, but also to fit in any handbag. Unlike conventional fragrances in their production perfumes does not use synthetic dyes or other artificial ingredients. In the end, a unique perfume is created with a story for everyone who wants to smell their own scent, real and individual. The entire process of production of Florascent niche perfumes takes place by hand, including the creation of labels or paper packaging for individual bottles. It's not that hard to fall in love with oneé small work of art. In addition to women's perfumes, the brand also offers a range of men's or interior fragrances. And if you want to mix yourself  dream perfume, there is nothing easier than to reach for the one-component line of Apothecary, scents that can be mixed with each other. Because it's all thereFlorascent world, where a bottle filled with a fragrant liquid is the embodiment of magic..