Netestováno na zvířatech – pravda nebo fikce?

Not tested on animals - truth or fiction?

We have already shared an article with you on the subjectVegan certificate, which you will not find in our cosmetics, although most of our products correspond and vegans can use them with a light heart. We also have a similar opinion on other certifications not tested on animals. This certificate is actually necessary and why we are not interestedmá? We love natureand the products we offer are made up of the best that it brings us. EquallyWe like animals. We don't like harming animals, that's clear. However, we are not in favor of certificates such as Leaping Bunny.Cruelty Free certificates are great, but finally useless in the European Union.é.

Hooray, it's here!

přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, přírodní makeup, niche parfémy In 2013 surely the vast majority of you have taken a deep breath. Finally came the day of D andinThe EU has banned the sale of tested cosmetics. This applies to both production and sales from the date of approval. Now, five years later, it is not possible for any company in our territory to test their products on hair. Cute animals, at least here with us, have a room and that is absolutely excellent news.

Why a certificate

The sticker is nice, but we don't like stickers.Our cosmetics are also untested, come from here and are purely natural. The report on the change in legislation probably did not affect everyone so much, because a large number of people would finally not just look for certificates, but rather enjoy free shopping with a clear conscience. In addition, reel certificates certifying Cruelty Free products do not prove that they do notchemical, synthetic and hazardous substances. As usual, we recommend reading the composition, taking an interest in the origin of cosmetics andto follow the good old common sense.

Watch out for China

The controversial topic for testing on poor animals is, of course, the unpopular China. Here he istesting for sale in stone shops mandatory. However, this does not apply to online sales, ie e-shops. Some companies, offering pure natural cosmetics that have not been tested on furry pets, have gone to the Chinese market through an e-shop. It often happens that animal lovers suchthey often reject the mark on suspicion of testing unnecessarily.. Sales in China need not be synonymous with cruel testing unless there is physical sales. This is also an aspect that needs to be taken into account.

Everything in moderation

přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, přírodní makeup, niche parfémy One day maybe the whole world will realize thatanimal testing is not necessary and even unnecessary. Until then, let us be glad that there are countries where this practice is prohibited. And don't worry, don't be strict with yourself. Although you may not have been strictly interested in the certificates, you have probably been buying cosmetics that have not been tested for years.And that's a reason to smile!