What You Need To Know About Animal Testing In Cosmetics

We recently wrote about vegan certificates, which you will not find in our cosmetics, although most of our products are vegan-friendly. But what about cosmetics tested on animals? There are many certificates, like Leaping Bunny, that help consumers navigate which products are not tested on animals. But thankfully, when it comes to animal testing in Europe, the EU has banned the sale of tested cosmetics. This applies to both the production and sale from the date of approval, which occurred in 2013. Now, five years later, it’s no longer possible for any company in the EU to test their products on animals.

What else should you know?


Certificates are nice to have, but with the legislation, consumers can enjoy shopping with a clear conscience. But just because a product is certified Cruelty Free, it does not mean that  it doesn’t contain chemical, synthetic, or hazardous substances. As usual, we recommend reading the composition of the product, taking an interest in the origin of the ingredients, and following good old common sense.

Watch Out When Shopping Online

In the EU, animal testing is banned. However, this does not apply to other countries around the world, and doesn’t apply to online sales, or e-shops. So be aware of the product you are buying when you start adding things to your online shopping cart.

One day maybe the whole world will realize that animal testing is unnecessary. Until then, let us be glad that there are countries where this practice is prohibited. Although you may not have been strictly interested in certificates, with the new legislation you have probably been buying cosmetics that have not been tested for years. And that's a reason to smile!