Naše úžasné dilema: cacay vs. šípkový olej. Který je lepší pro vaši pleť?

Our amazing dilemma:cacay vs. rosehip oil. Which is better for your skin?

Quality vegetable oils are literally something like superfoods for the skin. But how to find the best one that fits your skin perfectly Our dilemma today is: is better cacay orrosehip oil? Or maybe you should use both?

They are known for theiranti-aging and caring effects. Only one of them can win the duel of oils. Which has a stronger ability to fight skin aging. The answer may be hidden inside. Both oils contain a high amount of retinol, ie vitamin A. However, vitamin A is not like vitamin A. Each of these oils contains a different type of retinol in its composition. You suspected this and you will learn even more in today's article.nku.

Valentine skin cacay oill

Amazon superstar, a hot newcomer in skin care. Cacay oil is not as well known as rosehip oil, but it definitely climbs to the top of the list of top vegetable oils for the skin.Cacay oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the Amazon Cacay tree resulting in them light, non-greasy and quickly absorbed pleasant oil. It has a high content of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin A. Thanks to its composition playfully moisturizes, nourishes and deeply cares for young and mature skin. 

Classic helper rosehip oilj

We have already written a blog about rosehip oil and its effects. It comes from the seeds of the rose bush and isrich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.He also hIt also hydrates, cares and nourishes thanks to vitamins A and E, which fight against skin aging. Rosehip oil is not only well known in the cosmetics industry, because it was already produced by our grandmothers..

Cacay vs Rosehip Oil: Linoleic Acid

Linoleic acidbelongs to the active care components. It's exactly thatšikulka, which rids your skin of flakes, dry spots and redness.It will take care of beautiful, brightened skin even very effectively makes unsightly acne scars disappear.And how are our two oils Almost both contain a high percentage of linoleic acid, both of which will give your skin a decent dose of nutrition.vy.

Cacay oil up to 77 / Rosehip oil up to 76 %

Cacay vs Rosehip Oil: Vitamin E

Antioxidants they are extremely important for the skin. Vitamin E belongs to this group.It helps prevent signs of aging, acts as a prevention againstpigment spots, even protects the oil from rancidity. Vitamin E is a popular ingredient in cosmetics, so believe your skin definitely deserves it. And how are our oils? While rosehip oil contains a minimal amount of vitamin E, cacay oil points contain almost twice as much this vitamin as argan oil!ej!

Cacay oil large quantity / Rosehip oil minimal quantity


Cacay vs Rosehip Oil: Vitamin A

Anti-aging.The letter A itself, so it is clear that we are getting to vitamin A. Each of our discussed oils contains this vitamin, but surprisingly a different type. Rosehip oil contains all-trans-retinoic acid abbreviated ATRA.). This component can be recognized by the skin itself. Cacay oil then contains retinol, another type of vitamin A. However, Retinol must be converted to ATRA in order for the skin to make full use of it in the fight against wrinkles. Therefore, the result is clear Although cacay oil contains three times more vitamin A than rosehip, rosehip has a more efficient and faster fighter.

Now what Rosehip oil can be a great and effective helper forfast and visible results. A finer variant with a longer onset of effects in the form of cacay oil, however, welcomes the needsensitive skin.Not a single oil is lost in your bathroom!

Cacay oil 3 times more than rosehip oil


Which of the amazing oils to choose For example, both of these plant treasures are perfect helpers for dry, mature and combination skin. In addition, you will find pampered natural products that contain these pets. You can choose according to their effects it's time to pamper your skin!ť!

Elixir of life by C.lavie

Rejuvenating facial care contains a balanced combination of active ingredients for intense anti-aging effects. Behind the amazing results you will see in the mirror is the warrior from the Amazon tree cacay oil.By his side thenCork oak extract and equally effective perilla oil also don't give wrinkles a chance.This formulation fights against discomfort and redness, and also perfectly smoothes the skin.

The best rare ingredients perilla and cacay oil with cork extract. The elixir of life will let you rejuvenate. Not just in the mirror. Luxurious rejuvenating care that does not lie. Because nature can't lie.

Intensive antioxidant serum from Dabby

Rosehip serum not behind either can conjure up beautiful and well-groomed skin. In addition, it contains not only rosehip oil, but alsorosehip fruit extractwhich contain vitamins and nutrients for the skin. Together they stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, soften wrinkle lines and improve skin moisture. And the results The skin is perfectly relaxed, regenerated and youthful. You already understand our dilemmaa?

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