Meet Hiram Green: Natural Perfumes That Are Like Works of Art

Hiram Green’s minimalist and highly aesthetic bottles, and surprising color tone, almost resemble a piece of jewelry or a work of art. Behind the color tones of each fragrance are rare and high-quality plant ingredients that make the perfect blend for an exceptional perfume. It’s no wonder that perfumer Hiram Green, a native Canadian, is also a trained painter.

Green was born in Canada, where he studied painting and drawing. After moving to London, however, he found out that art would not sustain him, and it was then that he began working in a perfumery. At that time, a love of fragrances was born. Green discovered that most of the highest quality and most expensive perfumes were full of synthetic substances. So he came up with an alternative. In the Netherlands, he spent time researching, studying, and experimenting with scents. His time spent dedicated to the love of creating perfumes and the desire to discover real, natural fragrances has paid off now in his studio, which produces a limited number of his own original scents.

In 2019, he finally and deservedly became visible to the whole world and won the prestigious Art and Olfaction Award for fragrance design.

One of Green’s newest scents is Lustre, which combines simplicity with elegance: rose and iris. It is a simple, yet imaginative scent from the workshop of Hiram's talent. Another favourite perfume is Dilettante, which smells of orange blossom and leaves. The scent is rich, sweet and creamy, yet fresh. It’s like a celebration of summer.

Green in color and in scent is Arbolé, smelling of earthy patchouli, which gradually combines with cedar and sandalwood. The aroma is anchored by vanilla and tonka beans, thanks to which it flows into a soft to powdery base. On the other hand there is Slowdive, with a smell of tobacco and honey. Despite its sweetness, it is pleasant to wear even in the summer. The creators managed to capture the atmosphere of hot summer days, when the air is saturated with sweetness from blooming flowers. From fresh and floral tones of neroli, the scent changes to tobacco and honey.

Hiram's first scent, Moon Bloom, is still one of his favorite creations. The perfume celebrates tuberose, a unique and delicate creamy scent of an exceptional flower that releases its aroma at night. It’s variable and can change in smell from cloves or coconut, to the creamy scent of flowers or fresh leaves. Eventually, it matures into a dense and slightly tropical animal base

Jednou z nejnovějších vůní je pak růžová Lustre, která snoubí jednoduchost s elegancí – a růži s kosatcem. Nekonečné růžové pohlazení, příjemné jako slunce zapadající nad růžovým políčkem někde v Bulharsku. Čistota, přitom jemnost a překvapivá svěžest. Jednoduchá, přesto nápaditá vůně z dílny Hiramova talentu.

Perfumery talent is like any other that requires imagination and ingenuity. As in the case of Hiram Green, it is a kind of work of art decorating your skin, while you yourself become the bearer of the creator's personality. The bearer of a work of art that is also perfectly clean.

WONDERFUL NOTE: Except for Slowdive, all Hiram Green scents vegan-friendly.