Romance of May with the element of fire. Let the joy burn!

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, here is the season of fire. Opportunity to let the joy burn! Connect with warmth, sun, joy and your own energy. It's time to flare in harmony with nature!

Fire is connected to the heart. Connect with your inner world and let yourself be carried away by the May energy, which is influenced by the element of fire. The season of this radiant energetic element starts on May 5th. What will that mean?

The month of May, a yin wooden snake

The month of May is ruled by a yin wooden snake. In Chinese astrology, it is associated with wisdom, but also wit. Purposefulness, but also silence. You can have ambitions without losing your inner peace. This is the feeling that the May snake evokes - silent contemplation of the goals without giving any doubt. The snake first analyzes and calculates, but once it starts moving, it's quick to reach the target.

In addition to the snake, the element of wood rules in May. Jin wood is a symbol of resilience and diplomacy. Therefore, the yin wooden snake is a friendly guide who provides valuable advices. Just listen and discover the wisdom of the snake. Inside yourself.

What will be the fiery month of May like? 

A small spark is enough for a large fire to ignite. In practice, according to the Chinese horoscope, this means that you can feel a rush of desire for change, strong emotions, great desires and dreams. The serpent will be there for you - to give you a hearth - to tame the fire. Balance, balance and distance.

Tame the fire? The metal element will help

What element will help you tame sometimes too hot of a fire? Metal can handle flames. The scent of Elementals Metal will help the processes that are ignited. It will give you clarity, wisdom and self-reflection.  And how will you smell with the scent of Metal? A light coriander with a dose of cardamom will calm you down. A hint of smoky birch accompanied by fennel seeds awakens the subtle purity of tuberose. This combination will strengthen your inner peace. And not only that - also protection from the scorching heat of the fire.

Are you afraid that Metal won't ring for you? Get a set of Eelementals, try all the elements and intuitively you will soon know which one is yours. Will it be water? Fire? Earth? Or wood?

Good days in May:

  • A step forward? May 6 is ideal
  • You want to start a brand new project and succeed - leave it on May 14th
  • A great day to invest in yourself and your future is May 17th
  • Are you bothered by an argument with a loved one? You can solve it on May 19
  • The breakthrough day falls on May 26. What will you change?