Flower Power: Flower Hydrates That Will Transform Your Skin

Flower hydrates are a small treasure from nature – and they are wonderful not only when applied to the skin. Hydrolate, hydrosol or flower water does not have to come only from the flowers of plants. It’s also obtained from roots, twigs, or seeds. The essential water is the product of steam distillation. (The word hydrate comes from the Latin “hydro” meaning water and the French designation for milk, “lait”. This is because the primary liquid leaving the distillation apparatus is milky white.)

Aromatic water can be a by-product in the production of essential oils. But what is not a hydrate? Flower water can be enriched with alcohol or other synthetic preservatives to prolong its shelf-life. Therefore, when choosing a flower water, always examine your product’s label.

WONDERFUL TIP: As you will know in INCI, there is only one component in the composition and that is the hydrate. In some cases, however, a natural preservative in the form of a fermented radish root may be added.

The variable use of flower water makes the hydrate a multifunctional helper in any medicine cabinet or makeup bag. Hydrolates have a PH very similar to the skin and hair, so they are suitable for all skin types. For example, they can replace water in dry face masks, or you can use them to hydrate the skin, hair, or to fix makeup. It’s also suitable for injured skin, which it soothes and gently disinfects. And not only that, they are actually used in food and drinks from all over the world. Some of their benefits include:

  • they are anti-inflammatory and will be appreciated by acne or sensitive skin.
  • they are aromatherapeutic.
  • they can soothe stressed or sensitive skin with a tendency for redness.
  • they refresh and hydrate.
  • they tone the skin.

What to Watch Out For

Beware of suspiciously low prices. In the past, a liter of water per kilogram of plant part flowers, leaves, etc. was used in the distillation. Today, up to 20 liters of water can be used and even so the resulting liquid can be referred to as a hydrate. Flower water should be organic quality in order to ensure there are no pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic substances present. Our favorite Dabba flower waters excel in gentle distillation technology, which takes place slowly and at lower temperatures than usual. In addition, Latvian Dabba uses spring water, so you can be sure that you will find only the best that Scandinavian nature has to offer in each bottle. If you want to fall in love with really high-quality organic flower waters like us, choose for example:

Birch Water

Birch water has cleansing abilities, and oily and combination skin will fall in love with it. It softens and soothes the skin. Our tip: Also use it as a hair lotion. After washing with shampoo, massage it into the scalp.

Yarrow Water

If you are bothered by problematic skin, yarrow water cleanses and tones skin with a tendency for acne. It can soothe irritated skin, reduce redness and inflammatory symptoms. Don't bother with acne-prone skin and try it gently with harsh products. The results will surprise you..

Heather Water

Heather hydrate will provide its strong antioxidant properties to all skin types. It revitalizes, tones, hydrates, and protects skin from free radicals. Ideal for the city and for travel!

Mint Water

We will not lie, this is our sweetheart. You will appreciate the refreshing mint water not only in the summer. It will energize even the most tired skin by restoring skin elasticity. You can even use it to refresh dull hair.

Chamomile Water

You surely know the magic of chamomile. Chamomile water soothes and softens and is suitable for dry, stressed, mature, and sensitive skin. It gently tones and moisturizes.

Raspberry Water

Water from the leaves of wild raspberries restores the balance of the skin. It’s suitable for combination or normal skin, and will leave the skin hydrated and brightened.

WONDERFUL TIP: If shampoo dries your scalp, add hydrate to it. It softens the drying properties of the surfactants that shampoos contain. Or replace your shampoo with a gentle natural option.