Kvalita versus cena – jsou organické rostlinné oleje a kosmetika opravdu drahé?

Quality versus price - are organic vegetable oils and cosmetics really expensive?

You love honest and high-quality natural cosmetics? Then you may sometimes pause over the prices of your favorite products. Some products are not among the cheapest and yet we love them. The quality corresponds to the price of products that are largely composed of organic vegetable oilsů?

From cleansers to makeup, organic products are damn sexy, but their price may not be as attractive. However, investing in beauty is justified in this case. Authentic organic cosmetics bring added value, quality and the best of nature. And when we say best, then we really mean the best. Take a look and see for yourself here are 5 reasons why we think the price of organic cosmetics and quality vegetable oils is fair.r.

Lifespan indicates the direction

You may be wondering why, paradoxically, more expensive natural cosmetics last less than conventional ones. Yes, organic cosmetics usually have a slightly shorter lifespan – because the botanical components themselves have a shorter life. The exact opposite is ordinary cosmetics. Traditional conventional brands simply reduce costs and do not want to deal with the problems of product spoilage, so they are affordable and durable at the cost ofe you apply synthetic and toxic substances to the skin. After all, they are the only ones in the end crude unrefined vegetable oils that have the ability to perfectly nourish and care for the skin. And that they have a few months less shelf life. So this notch will replace your beautiful and healthy skin..

Why it's worth it:

Imagine buying food. If you buy a fresh product, then its shelf life is lower than for industrially processed foods full of preservatives. However, which one is better in taste, healthier and more nutritious for your body..

The magic of composition

Even if you look at dermatological products straight from the pharmacy, their INCI will surprise you in many ways – especially when water comes first. And if not water, then they are synthetic substances, often oil. You care about what you apply to your skin Then invest in quality organic cosmetics. Conventional brands and their preparations tend to be full of emulsifiers, preservatives, and we are at the forefront of the durability, fragrances and texture-improving substances, so there is not much room left to supplement with organic and high-quality oils that would give the skin what it needs. So sometimes less is more. That's why shorter INCI may surprise you with pure cosmetics. Shorter, but full of all the good that nature brings. And so, at the price, we are only a quality ingredient that costs something, instead of a cheap filling.plně.

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Why it's worth it:

Products full of pure and high-quality vegetable oils are more effective on the skin. They restore the skin's balance, do not cause damage by using synthetic and allergenic substances and are full of active ingredients and antioxidants. And what's great Thanks to the clean and high-quality composition, you only need to apply a small amount of the product to achieve excellent results. So in the end, you can save your favorite organic product or oil, as well as your wallet.u.

Price for beauty

Why organic vegetable oils are more expensive, whether one-component or those that serve as valuable ingredients in natural cosmetics Simply becauseže they are ecological. Organic farms are usually smaller than conventional ones. Because they do not use chemicals and fertilizers or growth hormones here, it will also take longer to grow organic products. Additional costs can be certification, personnel or pest control. More costs are then logically reflected in the price for the consumption of final crops. However, pure organic crops.

Why it's worth it:

Quality plant extracts and oils are free of synthetic substances and pesticide residues, which you will find in commonly grown crops. That is why natural cosmetics are not like natural cosmetics and it pays to follow the origin of the brand, certification and its story and values.

Things to watch out for:

Watch out for brands that look natural only. The suspiciously low price of particularly rare oils or preparations from them can be an indication that something is wrong. Instead, inquire, follow a well-known certificate and don't be fooled by too low an investment.í.

Rare oils

There is no price like price and there is no oil like oil.. Some exotic and rare ingredients are available on the market for pretty fat sums, so even cosmetics that contain them can't be cheaper. An example is the rare and popular prickly pear oil, which can pamper any skin. The fruits of the cactus, which comes from Morocco similar to argan oil, are used not only to produce luxury skin oil. Imagine 800 kg of fruit from which the seeds must be taken out, which are only then cold-pressed. This is followed by the production of a single one liter of oil, which is sold on the cosmetics market for approximately CZK 50,000. The price for products containing prickly pear oil already makes sense to you? In BIO quality, basically every oil is rare, full of vitamins and ingredients that the skin enjoys perfectly. However, they differ in price precisely according to the gentleness of processing and the rarity of the raw material from which it comes..

Why it's worth it:

When nature, so good quality. One that does not promise, but fulfills. And for rare vegetable oils to work, they must be gently processed. This is the only way they will not lose exactly the important active ingredients for which you buy them.

Things to watch out for:

You want to mix your own oil mixture? Be careful what you buy. Improper purchase of cheap monoliths together with conditions for mixing can devalue the oils. Mold or even just the wrong choice of oils can end up harming the skin.

From nature to skin

The production of organic oils and cosmetics is often affected by the final number of users who buy them. That's why it's often about family or smaller brands that produce organic products in smaller quantities, which may also be reflected in the price. The situation is different for cosmetic giants, where the purchase prices of raw materials are lower, mechanical production enables mass production and reduces costs to a minimum. In the case of organic cosmetics, the magic of the finished product has a charm. You often know each product from A to Z, including the story behind its brand and birth, and packaging is also environmentally friendly. Sustainability also costs something.

Why it's worth it:

Investing in beauty, nature, quality and the planet is always worth it!! It's philosophy, lifestyle and love in every cosmetic bottle. Why pay exorbitant sums for piles of conventional products when your skin needs one– caress from nature. In the end, the investment does not have to be so high, as a rule you will only need a few products that carry the adjective organic. But that onen the experience associated with authentic natural cosmetics will be priceless.ní.

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