A beautiful look once and for all? 7 rules of care for the eye area

It is delicate, thin, sensitive and does not have sebaceous glands. Its features are the reason why the eye care needs increased attention to avoid wrinkles, visible signs of fatigue and dehydration. How about the right care for the delicate skin around your eyes?

Just like you care about the skin of the face and skin of the whole body, you need to take care of the eye area - not from time to time, but daily. The gentle skin around the eyes quickly reveals traces of fatigue, stress, dehydration or improper care . Which steps does your eye area miss? Inspire with 7 totally functional skin care recommendations for skin around eyes.

Make-up romoval is the basis

No, make-up removal is not exactly a step to cheat. And it depends on how you remove make-up from sensitive eye area  - that's why always take your time and remove make-up gently but effectively. How to do it? Choose a make-up remover that fits your skin. Beware of a common error: the product does not belong on a dry cotton swab. Moisten your cotton swab - only then apply a make-up remover on it and start romoving make-up. Always remove without pressure and excessive friction, very gently - from the outer corners inwards. And what make-up remover has worked for us? Oil, that is also suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes. It does not irritate, quickly dissolves make-up and leaves skin silky soft. 

(Love)ly Regeneration

Got the time to relax? So give it to the eyes before applying the serum or eye cream after make-up removal. Once in a while, your eyes deserve to rest just as much as you do. Cooling compresses will be great for this - either in the form of a gel compress, which you can usually buy in a drugstore, or with the help of good old tricks. How about a cucumber? Close your eyes for a moment and the cooled compress will ensure that the signs of fatigue disappear after a hard day. But! Be sure not to use too cold compresses to avoid irritating delicate skin.

Miracles overnight?

Before embarking into the realm of dreams, it is important to apply a suitable product. Always choose products designed for the eye area - the composition must be gentle and suitable for sensitive and very thin skin around the eyes. Due to the lack of sebaceous glands, the skin around the eyes is more prone to dehydration. Thus, the formulations are intended to supply moisture, but for sure they should not contain certain substances, such as drying alcohols. And what is the rule for applying eye care? Less is more. Always apply only a minimum of the product by gently tapping with fingers.

Pink dreams

Secrets of a beautiful skin? Healthy sleep can brighten it. Do you rest enough? Do you sleep well? Maybe it's time to start. Try falling asleep and getting up at the same time everyday and see what will happen not only to your energy levels, but also to appearance. Sleep affects overall health, so bring in sleep hygiene into your life. 

Morning makes a day

The morning is not just about preparing for breakfast and hurrying into your daily affairs and responsibilities. There is a morning skin care ritual! Before putting on make-up itself.. surprisingly make-up removal and cleansing of the skin is needed. Yes, you need to gently cleanse your skin in the morning. This will remove excess sebum, dead cells and any kind of exedates that occured overnight. You can use flower water or a gentle, natural lotion without alcohol - start the day the best way for your skin!

Goodbye, swelling!

Not every morning a shining look welcomes you in the mirror, right? After a concert, date or a celebration with friends, you can again use the cooling compress, which removes unsightly under eyes bags. Do you drink green tea in the morning? Let the tea bags to cool and you can use them as cold eye compresses. 

Wrinkles have no chance!

So, there is still one last step before you put on make-up and go for experiences of everyday life. After the morning cleansing and possible lining of the eyes, it is again important to apply a suitable caring anti-aging product. One that hydrates and smoothes delicate skin. And not only that - the product that also protects it. And how to protect it even better? Don't forget to use UV filters against UV radiation - and protect your sensitive eyes as well. Wear hats, sunglasses and give your eyes a regular rest. Only then your eyes and the area around will brighten up. And that's what it's about, isn't it?

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