Kráska, která pomáhá – seznamte se s královnou růží

Beauty That Helps - Meet the Queen of Roses

It is beautiful, fragrant and so valuable. Rosa Damascena or Damascus rose surprises with its properties, thanks to which it is widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is one of the most valuable plants in the world, and anyone who tastes its beneficial effects on the body and skin will know why. We already know that..

Although the queen of flowers, the Damascus rose, comes from Persia, today you will come across it mainly in Bulgaria, Iran or Morocco. Vegetable gold has a rich history, this beautiful plant you could once even use as currency..

And what about her today? It is grown mainlyfor the production of essential oil, the production of which by distillation also produces the famous rose water as a by-product. Both of them are among the valuable products of the cosmetics industry, after all, per 1 kg of Damascus rose oil, manufacturers consume at least three tons of rose petals, so it is probably clear that this is not exactly the cheapest item on the cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets.. The Damascus rose is not only beautiful to look at, but also rare for its effects on the human body. And of course on the skin.

Unique and its perfectly floralá

It smells so beautiful and it can do so much! Even the mere scent of a Damascus rose can work miracles. You suffer from women's problems For migraines or premenstrual syndrome, all you have to do is smell a strong floral scent that will literally intoxicate you. Inhalation of a rose it also harmonizes if you are bothered by daily stress. Even depression, anxiety, nervousness or insomnia have no chance. And so little is enough ... to smell!

TIP: How to inhale a Damascus rose A few drops of essential oil can withstand the aroma of a lamp or a hot bath. While with the aroma lamp you can read in peace and enjoy a pleasant scent, with a targeted inhalation you can help with a towel over your head. Breathe, breathe, breathe!!

The secret of beautiful skin

The fact that Rosa Damascena is a real treasure is not only proved by articles or reviews of enthusiastic bloggers but above allm scientific studies.And real gold is a beautiful rose for the skin as well. Such rose water works wonders either alone or as part of natural cosmeticsy – visibly softens and fists the skin. Evenhelps smooth out wrinkles, restore and regenerate the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant effects – therefore, you can use it on sensitive, eczematous, problematic, combination, dry and mature skin.

It is valuable in cosmetics or as a tonic that harmonizes the skin and prepares it for the application of cream or skin oil. It is as gentle as it looks, it can even relieve tension or itching of the skin. And flower water doesn't have to come just to the skin– can also be used internally. It supports blood circulation, has aphrodisiac effects and can make a variety of dishes special, both sweet and savory. In short, the queen is as versatile as the queen of the plant kingdom is supposed to be..

Quality vs. price

Before the flower hydrate is formed, a very valuable essential oil is obtained from the petals.Steam distillation produces the highest quality rose oil, known as rose OTTO or attar. It is precisely this oil that really comes from the Damascus rose and has the appropriate quality, which is also suitable for aromatherapy. However, rose oil can also be obtained in other ways maceration in fat. You will find such oil under the name absolute. A stronger scent may be typical, but a lower quality. Of course, quality is also associated with price. Too cheap essential oil probably not from damask rose can be mixed with palmarosa or geranium. Therefore, follow the label, certification, price and INCI of each product to get the real natural wealth that the beautiful Damascus rose distributes from its royal throne.

And where you will find a beautiful damask rose in Wonderful For example, in the preparations of our beloved French luxury natural novelty of the brand C.lavie. So deliberately which one of you will discover her in INCIí?

TIP:You fight acne Damascus roses attack skin imperfections. It is the hydrate that can help reduce inflammation, speed healing and soften scars. You can use it as a cooling compress for acne or dermatitis.u.