Meet the Queen of Roses, the Damascus Rose

It’s beautiful, fragrant – and also valuable. The Damascus rose, or Rosa Damascena, surprised us with its healing properties, thanks to which it is widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. One of the most valuable plants in the world, the Damascus rose originally comes from Persia, but today you will come across it mainly in Bulgaria, Iran, and Morocco. This beautiful plant was once even used as currency!

Today’s damascus roses are grown mainly for the production of essential oils. In the distillation process, rose water is produced as a by-product. Both are among the some of the most valuable products found in the cosmetics industry. For every 1 kilogram of Damascus rose oil, manufacturers consume at least three tons of rose petals.
Nevertheless, the Damascus rose has important health effects on the human body – and of course on the skin.

Floral Aroma

The mere scent of a Damascus rose can work miracles. For migraines or premenstrual symptoms, all you have to do is smell a strong floral scent for relief.

WONDERFUL TIP: A few drops of Damascus essential oil in a hot bath can lead to deep relaxation. With targeted inhalation, and a towel over your head, you will find relief.


Beautiful Skin

Rose water works wonders either alone or as part of natural cosmetics by visibly softening the skin. It even helps smooth out wrinkles, and with skin regeneration. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects – therefore, you can use it on sensitive, eczematous, problematic, combination, dry, and mature skin.

It is valuable in cosmetics or as a tonic that unifies the skin and prepares it for the application of skin cream or oil. Also, rose water can relieve tension or itchiness. And flower water can also be used internally. It supports blood circulation, and can make a variety of dishes special, both sweet and savory.

Quality vs. Price

Before the flower hydrate is formed, a valuable essential oil is obtained from the petals. Steam distillation produces the highest quality rose oil, known as rose OTTO or attar. It is precisely this oil that really comes from the Damascus rose and has the appropriate quality level suitable for aromatherapy. However, rose oil can also be obtained in other ways, such as maceration in fat. You will find such an oil under the name absolute. Typically, it has a stronger scent, but a lower quality. Of course, quality is also associated with price. Too cheap an essential oil probably does not come from Damascus roses, but instead is made with a mix of palmarosa or geranium. Therefore, look at the label, certification, price and INCI of each product.

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WONDERFUL TIP: Damascus rose can help fight skin imperfections, such as acne. Through hydration, it reduces inflammation, speeds healing, and softens the appearance of scars. You can also use it as a cooling compress for acne or dermatitis.