Beauty and Health, In Harmony: Get to Know KIKI Health

When it comes to food supplements, you might imagine a drugstore filled with products that make a lot of promises. The supplement market has its big “ifs”. Like, if such concoctions are effective, then when do they contain fillers and synthetics? It is precisely this question that we asked ourselves at Wonderful. And that is why we want to introduce you to KIKI Health, a British producer of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are completely natural and clean. The kind that we love, and our bodies love.

We searched for a long time to find pure, ethical, plant-based nutritional supplements that were efficiently and stylishly packed. The result was KIKI Health, a premium, organic line of superior dietary supplements, which contain the finest ingredients sourced from nature. Their manufacturing process involves minimal processing and low environmental impact. As a result, KIKI Health products preserve the all-important nutrients.

KIKI Health products are: of the highest quality plant-based organic ingredients, made with the ethical sourcing of ingredients, certified organic or wild-crafted, non-GMO, without additives or fillers, and are gluten-free and vegan. In short, it’s a piece of nature packaged for your health.

Innovation and Purity

KIKI’s innovative products contain high-quality, active substances from vegetable, gluten-free, and vegan ingredients. The concept was born out of a desire to achieve optimal beauty, health, and well-being. After all, the Organic Soil Association has certified its quality (minimum of 70% of ingredients must come from organic farming or organic origin of raw materials, ensuring the health safety for consumers), and so has EU BIO.

“Pure nutritional supplements mean above all-natural inner beauty. Our ingredients come exclusively from nature. We keep the nutritional content as close as possible to the original fruit or plant, and therefore we retain the full potential of each fruit or plant,” says Cary Kikis, Founder and CEO of KIKI Health.

KIKI HEALTH Nature's Living Super Food

On the KIKI Health menu you will not only find vitamins, but also minerals and essential plant active substances. You will discover a variety of products, including many popular ones like vital mushrooms, and an incredible range of products with the power to cleanse, detoxify, heal, and nourish. Part of the KIKI’s philosophy is the belief that health is the basis of happiness and harmony. That's why the brand promotes a healthy lifestyle and diet, and supplements you can easily mix into your favourite drink or smoothie.

WONDERFUL AUTUMN TIP: We all know very well what it’s like these days trying to boost and maintain our immunity. Did you know that the tropical cherry acerola is one of the richest sources of vitamin C? You can find pure, cold-pressed Acerola in our KIKI Health offer. It's a real vitamin C bomb. And it’s natural vitamin C, which means it is absorbed much better by the body than its synthetic counterpart.

KIKI HEALTH Acerola Powder

Why KIKI Health?

Why take KIKI Health supplements? In addition to pure formulations, you can target specific health issues, or be good to yourself by focusing on prevention. KIKI Health produces effective natural supplements for the whole body, by promoting:

  • better sleep
  • heart health / helps balance blood pressure and lower harmful cholesterol
  • balance / helps boost the immune system
  • flexibility / supports joints and muscles
  • mental health / relieves stress
  • weight loss / reduces appetite, stimulates metabolism

You can also customize your supplements by taking a blend to promote overall better health. Imagine a mix that finally contains not just some well-known superfoods or just the green ones, but a little bit of everything. KIKI’s Nature's Living Superfood Organic Blend is a mix of green foods, plant juices, sea vegetables and algae, enzymes, and bacterial cultures that support the daily nutritional needs of the human body. At the same time, it provides you with the enzymes that are optimal for the absorption of nutrients in your intestines. Plus, added fillers or preservatives. You can mix it into juice, water, a smoothie, or alternatively consume it with food.

Health Is Wealth

KIKI is not only a celebration of the natural wealth that comes from health. It’s the result of real and radiant beauty inside each of us. Join us in celebrating KIKI Health and their mission, and give your body what it deserves.