Jak voní vzpomínky? Procestujte svět s parfémy Fiilit

How do memories smell? Travel the world with Fiilit perfumes

Do you remember how the visits to your grandmother smelled? How pleasant was your first trip to the sea or your first home. So this idea, which celebrates the smell of memories, gave rise to a unique project:: get acquainted with them natural perfumes Fiilit. It's time to go on a trip around the world!

Beauty in simplicity – and it was just as simplethe idea that brought Regis and Eloie the founderse Fiilit perfumery, to an authentic and definitely not boring project. The idea was to combine olfactory sensations with travel to places around the world. However, an ethical brand offers more than a fragrant experience. It is an eco-label that produces with respect for the environment. Perfumes are truly natural, made with traditional perfume craftsmanship. Just niche as it should be..

Régis and Eloi founders of Fiilit perfumerye

And what does the reference to the love of adventure look like? But just dress on aesthetic design package of mini fragrances. Wooden refillable packaging is ideal for trips to the plane, purse or pocket. The volume of 11 ml is just that you always have the scent of you with you. Or wearingbě?

Where are you going??

What aboutBali,Cuba orCyclades? These are the names of the first perfume destinations, which were created under the Fiilit brand. The exotic aroma of the distance can adorn your skin and it doesn't matter if you are traveling to a given place or if it appeals to you like a dream heart, where you will fly one day. Attractive perfumes simply make you dream through a scent that you can wear daily.. These are not very strong perfumes, but very pleasant scents that are well worn. And forget about the crowds right away Fiilit are unisex niche scents that will absolutely enchant you.

Exotic aroma from afar can adorn your skin

Confidence in the nose

To whom did the founders entrust the production of unique natural fragrances Of course, the sensitive French noses of the beautiful ladies, who are dedicated to the traditional fragrant craft. The composition of perfumes thus creates for FiilitAmélie and Anne-Sophie from the Flair studio, who have been given a free hand or nose for the free use of interesting and unusual essences. Therefore, they sought olfactory emotions through exotic notes and lands. From 2018, the founder of the Sensaba laboratory also began to participate in Fiilitba Stéphanie Bakouche, known collaboration with Hermes parfums. She specializes in creating natural perfumes and has created compositions of some newer Fiilit fragrances. The French simply can do it with scents..

Stéphanie Bakouche

Values are the basis

All fragrances are created with the idea of future generations in mind.With regard to the body and the planet. Thanks to a responsible approach, the Fiilit brand is referred to asSlow Cosmetic this certificate refers to responsible cosmetics, pure formulations and vegan composition. Perfumes are, of coursenot tested on animals, which is declared by the PETA certification. What makes fragrances still unique? While conventional perfumes use an average of 60 to 80 synthetic ingredients,, Fiilit uses 87 to 100 natural ingredientsn – without phthalates, parabens and petrochemical derivatives.

Fiilit. Compromise Feel it and Fill it. Synonym for the philosophy of beauty when traveling. Discoveries, joy culture, scents, memories and much more because it seems that perfume can have a soul in it. Or the spirit of the place. You have to feel it!!