Travel the World With Fiilit Perfumes

Do you remember what your first trip to the sea smelled like? Fiilit natural perfumes celebrate this idea – the smell of memories, and the smells we associate with our travels.

Fiilit Niche Nautural Perfumes

It was this simple idea that inspired Regis and Eloie, the founders of Fiilit perfumery, to combine olfactory sensations with places around the world. Bali, Cuba or The Cyclades? These are just some of the names of Fiilit’s “perfume destinations”. The aromas of these destinations can adorn your skin – whether you dream of visiting the place, or have already been there. Plus, Fiilit mini-fragrances come in refillable containers, ideal for trips on the plane, or in your purse.

Confidence in the Nose

To whom did the founders entrust the production of these unique natural fragrances? Two sensitive French noses. Amélie and Anne-Sophie from Flair studio have been given a free hand (or nose) to use interesting and unusual essences. From 2018, Stéphanie Bakouche, the founder of the Sensaba laboratory and collaborator with Hermes perfumes, also began to participate in Fiilit. She specializes in creating natural perfumes and has created the compositions of some newer Fiilit fragrances.

Values are the Basis

As an ethical brand, Fiilit offers more than just fragrant experiences. It’s also an eco-label that produces perfumes with respect for the environment. All Fiilit fragrances are created with the idea of future generations in mind. Thanks to a responsible approach, the Fiilit brand is certified by Slow Cosmetic and PETA, as it is vegan and not tested on animals. And while conventional perfumes use an average of 60 to 80 synthetic ingredients, Fiilit uses 87 to 100 natural ingredients – without phthalates, parabens, and petrochemical derivatives.

With Fiilit, you can discover the joy of travel, without leaving home.