How to have a healthy smile? Bet on natural dental hygiene

For a strong and healthy teeth, something needs to be done - take care of dental hygiene on a daily basis. Even in this category of care, however, it is easy to stumble - many products contain not entirely suitable chemical additives and substances, which you put in your mouth. But is it possible to brush your teeth naturally at all? Take a look at our oral hygiene!

Natural oral hygiene basically requires only three things: time, patience and appropriate products. For strong and healthy teeth, however, you do not need conventional toothpastes - nature itself has several ingredients for your smile, which not only clean but also protect the teeth, gums and mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

How to do it?

Manual cleaning and quality brush

The key number one for clean teeth and healthy gums is, of course, regularity. Regularity in manual cleaning.

To achieve a hygienically clean oral cavity, go for a quality toothbrush, a suitable toothpaste and make brushing your teeth a ritual. You don't have to hurry - oral hygiene deserves your time.


How to choose a quality toothbrush?

Your toothbrush should have fine bristles, as hard ones do not benefit your teeth or gums. How big a brush head to choose? Here it is: smaller is better. The little head will teach you to work more thoroughly.

Another important feature (not only for us) is the environmental friendliness of the brush. Why buy a plastic toothbrush, when today you can choose from natural toothbrushes or even from eco-toothbrushes with an interchangeable head.


Oral hygiene can be kind to your teeth but also to the planet - and that's the reason for a smile!

 Myth: Fine bristles do not remove all dental plaque. Don't worry, they are highly effective and gentle on the gums.

TIP: How to brush your teeth? Always clean by brushing from the top down. Be systematic and don't forget back of the teeth. Avoid excessive pressure, clean gently but all the more thoroughly. Always allow yourself plenty of time - at least 2 minutes should be standard. Don't forget the interdental spaces, which you should clean with your dental floss.


Pay attention to the composition of the toothpaste

But how to know about the composition of toothpastes? Which one is right for you? The answer may be closer than you think. Toothpaste is a companion for your toothbrush. However, you shouldn't put a paste in your mouth that contains harmful ingredients, PEGs, sodium lauryl sulphates or triclosan to remove dental plaque. In addition, many people do not like the fluoride, which is still considered safe. Toothpastes should not only be a cavities fighter, they are also a prevention, a breath freshener and a plaque killer.

Which substances in the composition of gentle toothpastes help to thoroughly clean teeth?


Sure, you know the sweetener xylitol - but did you know that it is also an antibacterial ingredient that reduces the number of bacteria behind tooth decay? Similar effect have tea tree and aloe vera. Extracts of anti-inflammatory cloves, antiseptic and fresh eucalyptus, mint or fragrant anise are also used.

Baking soda and sea or Himalayan salt are also used. Natural toothpastes are highly effective, gentle and very suitable for a long time.

TIP: Do you know that you can use toothpaste in practical tablets? Suitable not only for travelling.


Heavenly clean teeth? Oil pulling

 There is something else we have tried in oral care. A very interesting method - oil pulling.

Rinsing the mouth with oil (ideally coconut, which has antibacterial and whitening effects) can easily replace mouthwash. In addition to perfect cleaning, this technique binds toxins, which you can easily spit out in the end.

How to do it?

Put a tablespoon of the selected oil in your mouth for at least 15 minutes - and finally spit out the leftovers, never swallow. This method helps get rid of bacteria that cause tooth decay. It takes care of the mucous membranes and tongue, cleans not only the inside of the mouth, but also the body according to Ayurveda.

Try to include this simple technique in your daily routine - in a few weeks you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the freshness of your mouth, but also by your beautiful and white teeth - coconut oil is such a small miracle for a flawless smile.

CAUTION: Do not spill oil into the waste, but into a special container in which you throw away used grease.

Take care of your tongue

Not only teeth and gums, but also the tongue is waiting to be cleaned. It is also the plaque on it, which can be behind the bad breath. In addition, the plaque signals some diseases. A thin layer of light coating is normal, but you can clean it and get rid of it.

Use a special tongue scraper, tongue brush or even an ordinary spoon will come in handy.

Try the scraping before the oil pulling - and the feeling of a clean mouth will be worth it. In the end, as with everything, set up your own rituals that will be behind your beautiful smile. With the right helpers - it's not difficult at all!

TIP: Prevention is important. A visit to the dentist twice a year should not be a question.