Make Your Spring Cleaning More Eco-Friendly

The time for spring cleaning has arrived. You’re probably familiar with all kinds of cleaning products for different types of surfaces, but many are not always compatible with our planet. On April 22, we celebrate International Earth Day, so we thought: what better way to celebrate than by sharing our tips on eco-friendly household cleaners. Maybe our method of spring cleaning will inspire you to change your cleaning routine, once and for all.

The Answer is Right In Front of Your Nose

Cleaning your home quickly, hygienically, and in an eco-friendly manner can seem like a tall order. But there is an excellent tried-and-true duo: vinegar and baking soda. When mixed, these two ingredients effectively clean and disinfect every hard surface in our homes – from kitchens and bathrooms, to furniture and tiles. It's easy to make this your all-purpose cleaner. Make sure you mix both into a large bottle that is more than half empty. Don’t worry about the smell of vinegar, as it will quickly evaporate, leaving behind only a shine and sparkle.

WONDERFUL TIP: Add your favourite essential oil to your vinegar mixture. We at Wonderful love the scent of neroli.

Our Little Secret: Savon Noir

Imagine a soap that you can use for cleaning anything. Well, it exists and it’s called Savon Noir, or, in French, black soap. Savon Noir is made from olive oil, is entirely natural, and will serve all your household cleaning purposes. It’s made in Provence according to a traditional recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s also 100% natural and biodegradable

Even Cleaning Sand Can be Gentle

Surely you know this well. For really resistant dirt at home or in the garden, you need to use something with a little more power. But these types of cleaners are usually not friendly to your skin, or the environment. But Pierre d'Argent, an eco-cleaning sand, will do the job without any harm to you or the planet. It works thanks to white clay sourced from France, which is the base of this incredible cleaning product. It cleans, polishes and protects all hard surfaces, and you only need a small amount to brighten your cutlery, garden furniture, or even your tennis shoes and jewelry. It doesn’t contain phosphates or any harmful chemicals, and it has a pleasant smell thanks to its lemon essence.

How to Spring Clean?

We have a simple guide on how to spring clean more comfortably with our eco-products. Start systematically by going through things that haven't served you in the last year. Apply the simple rule: if you don't use it, you don't need it. You can donate or sell your unwanted items to make someone else happy. Then start with surfaces that need to be cleaned and disinfected with a vinegar solution or Savon Noir. Vacuum everywhere you usually don't regularly clean. Remember to wash and clean decor and window frames, as these collect dust. Floors also deserve your attention; you can use Savon Noir when mopping. But, most importantly, don't forget to relax and pour yourself a glass of bubbly after all your hard work.

WONDERFUL TIP: Add a few drops of essential oil to water with Savon Noir. Lavender, for example, has the added benefit of naturally repelling mosquitoes and other insects.