Ekologicky a hravě: objevte kouzlo úklidu a dezinfekce, které jsou Wonderful!

Ecologically and Playfully: Discover the Magic of Cleaning and Disinfection

Spring cleaning time has arrived! You are familiar with a lot of products for different types of surfaces that are not always compatible with nature. The magical date of April 22 is International Earth Day, so we thought of celebrating our love for the planet with you and sharing our tips on eco-friendly cleaning. We don't mean the only eco but above all easy, pleasant and antibacterial. We'll reveal how we do it, and maybe it will change your cleaning routine once and for all. 

As Usual, The Answer is Right Infront of Your Nose

How to quickly and hygienically clean different types of surfaces in a natural eco-friendly way? There is an excellent old duo; vinegar and baking soda, which almost everyone has at home. When mixed, the magic liquid effectively cleans and disinfects every hard surface in our homes; kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, tiles, in short, anything that is supposed to shine with cleanliness. It's easy to make your all-purpose cleaner. Just pour some soda into vinegar. The chemical reaction will happen, so make sure you mix in a large bottle that is more than half empty and add a tablespoon of soda. When stirred and settled add this mixture to a spray bottle and you are ready to go. It would be best if you didn't worry about the strong smell of vinegar as it will quickly evaporate, leaving only shine and sparkle behind. 

TIP: Add your favourite essential oil to the vinegar. We at Wonderful love neroli. Imagine what it will smell like at home?

The Secret Miracle. No, Savon Noir!

Imagine a magic soap that you can use for cleaning anything. This miracle is Savon Noir or Black Soap in translation. This soap is our little secret that we would like to share with you. The Black Soap made from olive oil is entirely natural will proudly serve all household cleaning purposes. Seriously. You can forget about buying a ridiculously wide variety of cleaning products if you want to make the Mother Earth happy. Savon Noir is an artisan product traditionally produced in Provence according to an ancient recipe which was passing from generation to generation. It is 100% natural and biodegradable. It effectively replaces most household cleaning products as a universal all-purpose cleaner for washing even your clothes. It cleans, de-greases and makes all possible surfaces sparkling clean and shiny. You can use it to was a hard floor or even the leather sofa which will be polished and nourished after treatment with Savon Noir. It does not have a seductive smell, but it does a fantastic job. It's an ideal all-purpose natural cleaner for life! 

Even Cleaning Sand Can be Gentle

Surely you know this well, for really resistant dirt at home or in the garden you need to use something that will help. However, these are often products that are not friendly to your skin or the environment. But we have one more cleaning secret to share: the cleaning sand you'll love. It is entirely natural! Discover Pierre d'Argent, miraculous eco-cleaning sand which is friendly to your skin, pets and nature. It works thanks to the white clay from France, which is the base of this incredible cleaning product. It cleans, polishes and protects all hard surfaces, including silver and jewellery. It cleans effortlessly, and you only need a small amount to brighten your pots, hob, cutlery, garden furniture or even your tennis shoes. It does not contain phosphates or any harmful chemicals, and it has a pleasant smell thanks to the lemon essence. Just a pinch of the product on a sponge and few gentle movements is enough to make any surface shine and stay beautifully clean precisely as it should be after cleaning.

How to Do Spring Cleaning?

We have a simple guide on how to spring clean more comfortably with our magical eco products. Start systematically by going through things that haven't served you in the last year, if you don't use them, you don't need them. You can donate or sell your unwanted items to make someone else happy. You will experience a healthier flow of energy in your home. Then start with surfaces that need to be cleaned and disinfected with a vinegar solution or Savon Noir. Hoover everywhere you usually don't during your regular cleaning. Remember to wash and clean the decorations, dishes and window frames as well. The floors also deserve your attention: you can use Savon Noir to mop. Don't forget to relax after cleaning. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite bubbles and put your feet up. Cheers!

TIP: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water with Savon Noir. When you use lavender, for example, you will repel mosquitoes and other insects, and you will not have to use insecticides against annoying visitors from the world of insects.