Ekologicky a hravě: objevte kouzlo úklidu a dezinfekce, které jsou Wonderful!

Ecologically and playfully:discover the magic of cleaning and disinfection that are Wonderful!

Surely you are familiar with spring cleaning, a lot of products for different types of surfaces that do not always harmonize with nature. The magical date of April 22 is International Earth Day, so I thought of celebrating my love for the planet with you and sharing tips on eco-cleaning. Not only eco even easy, pleasant and antibacterial. How to do it What you will need I can convince you that it works differently ... and maybe it will change your cleaning routine.inu.

Classic Bet on the products you have on hande

How to easily and hygienically clean different types of surfaces In the first place, there is a good old two vinegar and baking soda, which almost everyone has at home. This connection effectively cleans and disinfects kitchens, bathrooms, furniture in short, anything that is supposed to shine with cleanliness. You can mix your own cleaner, pour it into the sprayer and throw it for cleaning. You're afraid of the vinegar smell You don't have to, the typical vinegar scent evaporates ... and only the shine and purity remain.ota.

TIP: Add your favorite essential oil to the vinegar. We at Wonderful love neroli. And what it will smell like at home?

Secret Miracle No, Savon Noir!!

A magic soap that you can use for basically anything. This soap is my little secret that I want to share with you. Black soap from olive oil is completely natural and will serve proudly for the whole cleaning, but seriously! You don't have to buy stacks of different organic products if you want to clean gently for Mother Earth. Savon Noir is a soap made according to a traditional old recipe, it is 100 natural and biodegradable. It replaces all products and becomes a universal companion not only for cleaning, but also for washing. Degreases, cleans, even polishes all possible surfaces. You can use them for tiling, but also for a leather sofa, which will add shine and nutrition. It does not contain a scent that would intoxicate you, but it will handle any dirt. The ideal partner not only for spring cleaning ... but forever!d!

Even cleaning sand can be gentle

Surely you know this well, for really resistant dirt at home or in the garden you need to use something that will help. However, these are often products that are definitely not friendly to your skin or the environment. But I have one more part of my cleaning secret for you: the cleaning sand you'll fall in love with. It is, and now hold on: completely natural! It is an ecological cleaning agent Pierre d'Argent, which is gentle on nature, for you and your pets. It works on the basis of white clay stone. Polishes, cleans, protects precious metals. You don't have to force the surfaces to make them shiny and clean. On the contrary, a little sand can brighten your beautiful copper pots, hob, cutlery, garden furniture or even sports shoes. It does not contain phosphates or harmful chemicals, but it smells beautiful thanks to the lemon essence. Just a pinch of the product together with mechanical cleaning to make the surface shine and stay beautifully clean. As it should be after cleaning..

How to spring clean?

You are planning a spring cleaning in this demanding situation. We have a simple guide for you on how to make it easier with our magical and ecological means. Start systematically going through things that haven't served you in the last year, you don't need them, you don't use them. You can donate or sell them to those who make them happy. You will see how the flow of energy in your home is beautifully cleaned. Then start surfaces that can be disinfected and dusted with vinegar or Savon Noir solution. Throw yourself into luxation, this time even where you can't get during daily vacuuming. Remember to wash and clean the decorations, dishes and window frames as well. The floors also deserve your attention: you can also use Savon Noir to mop. Cleaning is followed by relaxation. Pour a glass full of your favorite bubbles, put your feet up and come with me: Cheers!í!

TIP: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water to be wiped. When you use lavender, for example, you will repel the smell of mosquitoes and other insects and you will not have to use chemical weapons against annoying visitors from the realm of insects..