April, month of the Wood element. What do you say to dragon energy?

The cold winter days are finally over. April brings everything to bloom - including the heart. Do you feel that hidden sense of joy that suddenly appeared in places where there may have been weight? It is pure joy in nature. Spring rebirth.

What will April be like in terms of the five elements? And which holiday will remind you praising of those who are no longer with you?

People have long been tuned to the elemental cycle - as evidenced by the ubiquitous spring. Do you feel the sun caressing your skin? Do you feel the inner heat? This is just the effect of one of the elements on your being.

What will the month of April be like in terms of learning the 5 elements? We are opening the secrets of the dragon to you.  Seriously!

Dragon energy. What does it actually mean?

In April this year, we are entering the month of the wooden dragon Yang. This month will be straightforward - and even though the dragon is a mythical animal that you know from fairy tales rather than the Chinese zodiac, it is a symbol of strength. A symbol that has been worshiped by different cultures for millennia. The dragon is the creator. It brings not only power, but also change, abundance, happiness and prosperity. The dragon is huge and captivating - born leader. Independent, charming. However, there is not just one dragon - there are five types of dragons for each zodiac sign, each for one element. In the month of April you can welcome the Wooden Dragon Yang. But what does that mean?

Wood, a symbol of growth, life and stability

Yang Wood Dragon is stern, tall, unruly. Like a tree. You can imagine it just like that - as a wide, strong and tall tree with massive roots, the ruler of the landscape, who will not be endangered by even the strongest wind.

This symbol is the sign of April - which is why this month may seem difficult and inflexible at first. Why? Because the Dragon is represented by the element Earth and Wood rules the Earth. This means possible conflicts, stubbornness, but also obstacles.

But it also has advantages. The Wood season is a time of growth, cultivation of goals, ideas. The apparent stubbornness already mentioned can be an opportunity to look at your projects and wishes with a pragmatic eye - to let their roots adjust and then build on them. Build so that implementations are higher, more stable and stronger.

This month's energy will also bring a lot of activity. Have you started any? But watch out for haste, ups and downs. It will help you to stop with a little look back - to remind yourself of what you have already accomplished on your journey. What you are grateful for.

In China, on the 5th of April Qingming or Pure Brightness Festival has begun . It is about worshiping the dead, as we have Dušičky (something like Halloween), but in this case the holiday celebrates the circle of life. The Chinese worship their ancestors by gathering over graves, which they sweep with willow twigs and smoke with incense. However, it is not a celebration full of tears, glooms and grief over the loss of loved ones, it is the other way around.

It is a celebration of life - a celebration of the lives of those who are no longer here, but brought joy to us in the past. An opportunity to look back at whether we are spreading joy and doing what fills us. A call to see all the little beauties and miracles all around us.

Do you want to keep a clear mind with a touch of gratitude?

You can preserve the image of purity of life and brightness by reaching for the element Metal in the form of a scent. Elementals Metal perfume will let the skin shine through cardamom and coriander until the reins of the scent are taken over by the heart of white jasmine spiced with sweet fennel.

Elementals aren't just casual scents - they're works of art you have to live with. You don't have to believe words, just give a try and find the scent you're driven to by fate.

Discovery set for those who want to find their strength in Elementals.

Exceptional April days:
  1. April – Ching Ming
  2. April - Dragon Virtue, Day of Initiation
  1. April - Be careful, but if you know how to orient yourself, this day can be extremely happy