Dopřejte si románek se sluncem – jedině s letními novinkami od Biosolis, které jsou nové must have!

Treat yourself to an affair with the sun - only with the summer news from Biosolis, which is a new must have!

You love the touches of the sun, the bronze tan and the wonderful summer atmosphere. Then you will also fall in love with the beautiful and healthy skin that will be conjured by three brand new helpers from Biosolis because mineral filters do not harm you or nature. And not only that. Meet these are they, our hearts summer champions!ni!

Whether it is summer or winter, the skin should always be protected against harmful UV radiation. There are two types of sunscreen filters on the market: chemical or mineral. Why we support mineral filters in sun cosmetics Because they reflect UV radiation, they work almost immediately and, most importantly, do not harm the environment. Do not harm yourself or rare sea corals or animals. It's different!ak!

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Healthy sunbathing Biosoliss

A partner in discomfort for athletes

It's finally here Biosolis novelty for enthusiastic athletes. Protection against UV radiation during summer sports is important, but due to physical exertion and subsequent sweating, it is not so easy to find a suitable product. This year, the partner Sport Sun Milk 50 will go with you to the fight for protected skin! It protects against UVA and UVB rays and is also resistant to sweat. It is easy to apply and does not leave a white film so you can go straight away. Whether you are going for water or going for a run, the waterproof chicula will take care of your comfort and healthy skin applies to both body and face. And no sporting event has a chance to escape you this year!out!

Přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, niche parfémy

Beautiful face even in summer without clogged poresů

You want to sunbathe, protect your skin and enjoy the sun. You know you apply a sunscreen, but the sensitive skin of your face will respond to your horror with enlarged and clogged pores or even pimples. That's why there's first aid to choose a sunscreen that is specifically designed for facial skin. One we know and is perfect full of natural caring composition. That's exactly what it isje Face Cream SPF 50 from Biosoliss. The mineral filters in its composition will not let the sun shine on you, but they will invite you to hydrating and lovingly caring ingredients. Dried skin in summer Not at all. Thanks to Aloe Vera extract or karanja oil, known for its hydrating, emollient and antimicrobial properties, the skin will be soft, nourished and healthy despite the hot touches of the summer sun. Just beautiful kissed by the sun.m.

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Finally, a healthy instant tan from naturey

You don't have enough time to sunbathe or you just want to look forward to bronze skin right away. We have great news for you or even better a product. Finally, it's healthy and naturalí Self Tanning Sprayy, which gives the skin a beautiful bronze touch, while even hydrating it. The exclusive formula allows a beautiful and tanned natural appearance of the skin without at the same time sending harmful toxic substances into the body, as is the case with conventional self-tanning products. In addition, he is ready to take care of the skin of the body and face. Get your tanned self in a moment and still know that you are indulging the best of nature for your skin. Hydration and nutrition will be provided by aloe or carrot extract or avocado and sunflower oil. The sun shines even behind the clouds, and even without the sun you can shine perfectly with bronze skin.í.

Přírodní kosmetika, bio makeup, niche parfémy
Self-tanning moisturizing spray Biosolis 100 ml

TIP:Before applying sunscreen and self-tanning products, it is good to dopeeling. It removes dead cells from the skin and prepares it for the application of natural sun or self-tanning cosmetics. Only then is the skin ready to take the best of the caring composition.