Biosolis, Our Summer Champion: 3 Must-Have Natural Sun Protectors

Whether it is summer or winter, you should protect your skin against harmful UV radiation. There are two types of sunscreen filters on the market: chemical or mineral.

We prefer mineral filters in sun cosmetics because they reflect UV radiation, and, most importantly, do not harm the environment. If you love a sun-kissed look but want to keep your skin safe and happy, you will fall in love with these three new products from Biosolis. Meet our summer champions.


Healthy sunbathing, for athletes

It's finally here, the Biosolis novelty for enthusiastic athletes. Protection against UV radiation during summer sports is important, but due to physical exertion and subsequent sweating, it’s not so easy to find a suitable product. This year, Sport Sun Milk 50 will help you protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. It’s easy to apply, sweat-resistant, and doesn’t leave a white film on your skin. Whether you are going in the water or for a run, the waterproof formula will keep you comfortable and protected.

No clogged pores

You want to sunbathe and protect your skin, but when you apply sunscreen, your face breaks out with pimples or enlarged, clogged pores. With Face Cream SPF 30 from Biosolis, you don’t have to worry anymore. The mineral filters in its composition will protect your skin without drying it out. Thanks to aloe vera extract and karanja oil – known for its hydrating and antimicrobial properties – your skin will stay nourished and healthy despite the summer sun.

A natural instant tan

If you don’t have time to sunbathe, but want to have that bronzed look, then the natural Self Tanning Spray is for you. The exclusive formula gives you a natural tanned appearance without any harmful toxic ingredients, as is the case with conventional self-tanning products. Get your tanned self in a moment and still know that you are indulging in the best care for your skin.

WONDERFUL TIP: Before applying sunscreen and self-tanning products, it is good to exfoliate with a peel. Removing dead skin cells prepares the skin for the best application of natural sun or self-tanning cosmetics.