C.Lavie, the Secret to Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Imagine a lady who, like everyone else, loves cosmetics. But when testing various conventional products, she had several skin reactions from inflammation, redness, and blemishes, to acne and eczema. Maybe you're one of these women. Fortunately, we know the secret to restoring your skin’s health. Meet C.Lavie, a luxury, natural skincare and cosmetic brand created out of a love of healthy skin.

C.Lavie Organic Skincare Paris

Sylvia Cazenave-Lavie was one of these women. But when she went to a dermatologist, who diagnosed her with sensitive, inflammatory and acne-prone skin, the usual treatment prescribed did not have the expected effect. On the contrary, it exacerbated her problems. That was when Sylvia began to study the composition of each product and its effects on her skin. 

Sylvia discovered that with conventional skin products, balance was not restored. So instead she turned to natural beauty products. Here she also found it was not easy to find the right ones for her. Disappointed by her skin reactions caused by, for example, alcohol or essential oils contained in organic cosmetics, she began her own production. That is how a woman from the IT world threw herself into the field of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to come up with the best combinations of plant extracts that would repair skin damage.

As the founder of C. Lavie, Sylvia began to prefer oil-based serums. It’s precisely these vegetable oils that her skin tolerated well. This change led to a restoration of her skin’s balance, so much so that family and friends encouraged Sylvia to pursue her passion, seeing the results themselves. Ever-improving formulas, natural ingredients, and gentle combinations have given rise to a natural cosmetic brand of the highest quality for visibly beautiful skin.

C.Lavie Organic Skincare Paris

Today, C.Lavie is built on the idea that beauty starts with clear and nourished skin. And there are various products to choose from. All are thoughtfully packaged and labelled to show the number of active ingredients and instructions for use. For example, there is C.Lavie soap, which is composed of virgin vegetable oils and does not contain perfumes or surfactants. Olive, coconut and sunflower oil, along with glycerin and shea butter, help the skin remain silky soft, without drying it out.

C.Lavie Organic Skincare ParisThe next step after cleansing the skin is nourishing. However, it should also be gentle and its composition should be based on the needs of the skin. C. Lavie therefore has a choice of two basic product lines. The Essentiel series provides nutrition and hydration, protects skin cells, and provides the skin with antioxidants. The Spécifique series is intended to help problematic skin by eliminating imperfections, preventing dehydration, reducing redness and imperfections.

You will also find C.Lavie’s uplight eye gel with caffeine that will reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. One of the main components is our beloved Damascus rose, the queen of flowers, which can perform skin miracles. There is also hyaluronic acid, and caring pure aloe vera juice for deep hydration.

C.Lavie Organic Skincare Paris

If you are fighting inflammation and irritation, then reach for C.Lavie’s brightening serum. Among other ingredients, Siberian larch helps unify the skin. It regulates melanin production, stimulates collagen production to improve flexibility, and reduces the appearance of red spots. And because it's anti-inflammatory, its rosehip oil, lemon distillate, and hyaluronic acid will transform your skin.

C.Lavie Organic Skincare Paris

If your skin is not so problematic, but you want to maintain daily hydration and care then C.Lavie’s day cream is right for you. It strengthens the skin's natural barrier, and nourishes, hydrates, and protects it. When the evening comes around, C.Lavie’s rejuvenating elixir will take care of your skin’s nightly needs. Kakai oil, perilla oil, and cork oak extract prevent skin aging with smoothing.

WONDERFUL TIP: For a quick solution for dry, irritated, or red skin, try C.Lavie’s SOS Balm. It is full of marigold and propolis, coconut oil, and shea butter, which work to soothe skin.

WONDERFUL TIP: If you want to moisturize the entire body, C.Lavie’s satin trio of oils for body and hair can be applied to damp skin or hair after bathing. Dried plum, perilla, and apricot oils work to restore your skin and hair.

C.Lavie Organic Skincare Paris

WONDERFUL TIP: We love C.Lavie’s skin mist. You can use it after cleansing, before applying cream and serum, or at any time of the day for a refresh. In the composition you will find not only neroli hydrate and rose water, but also hyaluronic acid of plant origin.