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C.Lavie - discover the secrets of beautiful and healthy skin

Imagine a beautiful lady who, like everyone else, loved cosmetics. However, testing of various conventional products has resulted in severalskin reactions inflammation, redness, blemishes, acne and eczema.. It reminds you of this story. Maybe you're one of them Fortunately, we know the secrets of problematic skin in adulthood. You too can caress your skin and restore its health.meetC.Lavie, luxury natural cosmetics created for you by the charming Frenchwoman Sylvie out of love for her and your skin..

Sylvia Cazenave-Lavie

When a dermatologist doesn't know what to do

What was Sylvia's next step on her journey to beautiful and healthy skin? Logically, it was a visit to a dermatologist who diagnosed her with sensitive, inflammatory and acne-prone skin. However, the usual treatment prescribed did not have the expected effect, on the contrary, it exacerbated the problems that plagued Sylvia. It was then that she began to study the composition of each product, interested in the ingredients and their effects on the skin. What she discoveredla?

That with conventional skin products it will never restore balance.She turned to natural beauty products to find that it was not easy to find the right ones among them – which would save her. Disappointed by the skin reactions caused by, for example, alcohol or essential oils contained in organic cosmetics, she began her own production and study of natural secrets. and so a woman from the IT world threw herself into the fields of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to come up with the best combinations of plant extracts that would repair the damage done to her skin.

The road to beautiful skin

The founder of the brand, C. Lavie, began to give preferenceoil-based serums. It is precisely vegetable oils that her skin tolerated well, and their variety also allowed for further exploration and discovery of interesting combinations. The change in the use of cosmetics has led to the miracle of skin healing.. Glowing skin, family and friends encouraged Sylvia to pursue her new passion, and again the beautiful woman longed to give a gift to other of us who are struggling with the skin with various combinations of products. Study, ever-improving formulas, natural ingredients and gentle combinations have given rise to natural cosmetic brands of the highest quality for the vital and visibly beautiful skin of every woman. And not just women..

You will fall in love with each package

Playful, elegant and beautiful, so it is clear at first glance that she comes from France.. You will enjoy thoughtful packaging, numbers referring to the number of active ingredients or inner liners, where you will find instructions for use of the product. Cosmetics that will make you happy at a glance and what if you try it on your own skin..

Start with clear skin

Clear skin is the foundation.But why clean it carelessly when you can do it differently with mild micellar water or natural cleansing soap. Soap from C.Lavieyou can use it on the whole body or for deep cleansing of the face. Don't worry, there is no danger of drying out, on the contrary. It is composed of virgin vegetable oils and does not contain perfumes or surfactants. Olive, coconut and sunflower oil, along with glycerin and shea butter, even make up for waterproof makeup. The skin remains silky soft. You can then use your dreams for final cleaning or regular make-up removalmicellar water. No, you don't have to wash this away, because it contains no harmful substances, only hydrates from damask rose and neroli and handy probiotics. It is light and pleasant, in addition to replacing the tonic. You will fall in love with the delicate scent once or twice and with the beautifully clean skin as if you were.t.

Charming sight

The beautiful eye area will help conjure uplight eye gel with caffeine – with which even puffiness or circles under the eyes have no chance. One of the main components of not only the eye gel from C. Lavie isour beloved damask rose, the queen of flowers, who can do miracles with her skin. There is also hyaluronic acid or caring pure aloe vera juice for deep hydration and shutting off sensitive eye skin. You've already found the right eye gel?

Care for love

The next step after cleansing the skin is the nourishing care itself. However, it should also be gentle and its composition should be based on the needs of the skin. C. Levie therefore has a choicetwo basic product lines Essentiele seriese provides nutrition and hydration, protects skin cells and provides the skin with enough antioxidants to maintain youth.Specific range is intended for a change in problematic skin. Helps eliminate imperfections, prevents dehydration, reduces redness and imperfections.

If you are fighting inflammation and irritation, then reach for itbrightening serumwhich visibly improves the skin. Among other things, the properties of Siberian larch are responsible for unifying the skin. It regulates melanin production, stimulates collagen production to improve flexibility and reduces the appearance of red spots. And because it's anti-inflammatory, along with pink hydrate,rosehip oil or lemon distillate and hyaluronic acid will transform your skin and it sounds like a great plan!!

Fortunately, if your skin is not so problematic, but you want to indulgeA natural dose of daily hydration and care will be right for youday cream.It strengthens the skin's natural barrier, nourishes, relipples, hydrates and protects so the pleasant texture of day care is not the only thing that gets you. And after the daily routine, the evening's turn comesá Mr. King C. Lavie The elixir. Rejuvenating care that twists with wrinkles – Yes, and it is really completely natural. Kakai oil, perilla oil and cork oak extract intensively prevent skin aging and smooth its surface. The perfect connection for visible results. Another elixir that is Wonderful.And another brand with a concept that we enjoy because even the skin can be cared for with French nobility..

TIP when the skin needs help:Quick help to dry, irritated or red or eczematous skin SOS balm from C.Lavie soothes the skin before you can pronounce C.Lavie. It is full of marigold and propolis, coconut oil or shea butter. Quick help or quick caress?

TIP if you want to stroke the skin of the whole body: Satin trio of oils in the form ofNourishing oil for body and hair apply to damp skin after bathing for silky smooth skin. Or feel free for shiny and vital hair. Dried plum oil, perilla and apricot oil will beautify hair and skin. Maybe now.d.

TIP if you want to refresh your skin: We love itskin mist. This one from C.Lavie you can use it after cleansing, before applying the cream and serum or at any time of the day to refresh the skin or hair. In the composition of a fine relaxing mist you will find not only neroli hydrate or rose water, but also hyaluronic acid of plant origin.