8 tipů pro zdravé a přirozené opálení

8 tips for a healthy and natural tan

Sunbathing may not be harmful if you follow a few rules and choose the right sunscreen. Try with our 8 tips, thanks to which you get bronze skin playfully and healthyě. Sunscreens are a summer necessity that a women's handbag or beach bag cannot do without. Although these products should protect human health from UV radiation and the threat of cancer, many of the ingredients they containthey are harmful to you and natureu. So if you want to collect vitamin D and enjoy a healthy stay in the sun, try to follow our tips, thanks to which you will get a beautiful tan in a natural way. without unnecessary chemistry. You can get the necessary amount of sun vitamin already20 minutes in the sun. For a bronze tan, however, a little more time is needed, but nothing should be exaggerated. You can gradually increase the time spent under the hot rays, but it should definitely not exceed two to three hours a day, which must also be divided by breaks. To avoid unpleasant skin burns, expose the skin to sun-protected and out of the strongest sun activity that occurs between noon and three o'clock in the afternoon. If you follow these rules and add a few of our tips, you will enjoy many pleasant summer moments.

Diet as a basis

Healthy fats and antioxidants helpprotect the skin from damage. That's why your summer diet is important if you want a natural tan. Bet on dark fruits and vegetablescontain carotenoids. These give the skin a pleasant bronze tint and prevent burns.

Peeling cleansing

Don't forget your skin before heading out for the sunprepare for applicationsunscreen. A peeling will help you, which removes dead cells, and you will then apply protective cosmetics evenly on clean skin. You can usepeeling with pomegranate from the brandTuscan Biofficina, which is an excellent helper in sunbathing and in the fight against cellulite.

Hydration begins inside

It would definitely not be possible without a drinking regime in the summer. Prepare enough hydration fluids for you will help against fatigue, in addition you will also refresh your skin andprotect it from drying out. The best refreshment is pure water, supplemented with fruit or lemon and mint. Instead, avoid sugary drinks that will only increase your thirst.

Protect your eyes

Don't forget to equip yourself with qualitysunglasses with UV filter. Even the eyes can irritate the sunlight, in worse cases even damage. This is true when staying in the sun in winter and in summer let your eyes rest. Pack sunglasses at every opportunity, whether you are going to the beach, for sports or for a walk.u.

Stylish hat belongs to summer

Why not tune your swimsuit outfit and indulgetrendy headdress? You will prevent sunburn and relieve the eyes again. Get a stylish hat that you won't get confused with this year. It will look great with the swimsuit and maxi-dresses that are in this year. Your summer look will be flawless.

Sunbathe responsibly

Regular sunbathing is a pleasant part of the summer, but don't forget to spend the time spent in the sun breaks in the shade. In the period from 12 to 15 hours, you better relax, but not in the sun. Easy skin burns may occur.

Natural protection

Forget the chemistry that the skin absorbs and still share it with aquatic animals when swimming in the sea. You can also protect your skin healthily.Natural tanning cosmetics Biosolis is gentle on the skin and nature. Mineral filters protect against UV radiation, vegetable oils and aloe vera gel soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. Plus it isalso suitable for vegans.

Renew the protective layer

Even natural filters need to be renewed regularly, especially after bathing. Lubricate every two hours with the selected product – Whether you choose Biosolis oil, cream or milk, your skin will be protected, nourished and hydrated. Scarecrows such as sunburn, skin cancer or premature skin aging will not stand a chance.Grab your healthy bronze!

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