8 Tips For a Healthy and Natural Tan

Sunbathing may not be harmful if you follow a few rules and choose the right sunscreen. Try our 8 tips for achieving your perfect bronze – while staying healthy and safe.

Diet as a basis.

Healthy fats and antioxidants help protect the skin from damage. That's why your summer diet is important if you want a natural tan. Bet on dark fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids. These give the skin a bronze tint and help prevent burns.

Peeling and cleansing.

Before heading out, prepare for the application of sunscreen. A peel will help remove dead skin cells. Then you can apply protective cosmetics evenly on clean skin. Try our peel with pomegranate from Biofficina Toscana.

Hydration begins inside.

Prepare enough fluids to prevent dehydration, both inside and out. The best refreshment is pure water, supplemented with fruit, lemon, or mint. Avoid sugary drinks, as they will only increase your thirst.

Protect your eyes.

Don't forget to equip yourself with quality sunglasses with a UV filter. Even the eyes need protection from sunlight. Pack your sunglasses with you and use them at every opportunity, whether you are going to the beach or for a walk.

A stylish hat goes a long way.

Why not accessorize with a hat? It will prevent a sunburn on your face, where your skin is delicate, and also relieve your eyes.

Sunbathe responsibly.

Don't forget to take sun breaks in the shade. In the period from noon to 3pm, you should stay out of the sun as it is at its strongest and you will easily get burned.

Consider natural protection.

Natural sunscreens, like those from Biosolis, are gentle on the skin. Their mineral filters protect against UV radiation, while the vegetable oils and aloe vera gel soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin. Plus, it’s also suitable for vegans.

Renew the protective layer.

Even natural filters need to be renewed regularly, especially after bathing. Apply them every two hours. Whether you choose Biosolis oil or cream, your skin will be protected, nourished, and hydrated.