7 důvodů, proč se vám malinový olej při používání na kůži dostane pod kůži

7 reasons why raspberry oil gets under your skin when used on your skin

Raspberry oil, in turn, is a treasure from nature that is worth mentioning. And not only that. It is worth becoming part of your cosmetic routine. If you love raspberries, there is nothing to deal with..

Natural raspberry oil is not yet one of the most famous skin oils, and maybe that's why we are here to introduce you to its effects. Its skin benefits may surprise you. Or rather, he can really do a lot. You will try it. After reading the article, maybe yes. You may not want to give it away.y.

Reason number 1: The magical effects of vitamin E

As you may have guessed,Vitamin E is beneficial for the skin – therefore, it is contained in many natural cosmetics. It is a powerful antioxidant that is effectivereduces skin damage and mops of free radicals that contribute to skin aging. On the contraryincreases the elasticity and vitality of the skin – that's what's going on here. And raspberry oil contains a really decent dose of this cosmetic helper. To give you an idea of the idea, just take a look at the numbers:

  • alpha tocopherol: 12.6 mg / 100 g
  • gamma tocopherol: 19.4 mg / 100 g

Reason number 2: Invite the sun to visit

You love the touch of the sun. Then you certainly think about protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Imagine that raspberry oil provides mild protection from the sun's rays, you can do it with it every weekday, that is, if you do not run in the mountains or sunbathe by the pool. Because the specific amount of SPF has not yet been confirmed by studies, do not forget the raspberry protectorcombine withnatural sunscreens in case they expose the sun for long hours. Maybe on vacation.

TIP:Do not harm yourself, your skin or nature. If you love the sea and corals as much as we do, treat yourself to sunscreens with mineral filters that do not harm the skin and not the underwater fauna and flora at all.

Healthy sunbathing Biosoliss

Reason number 3: Carotenoids for beautiful skin

Other powerful antioxidants that play a key role in skin health. They reduce UV damage and again we have thoughts on the beach and stimulate skin renewal. This brings us a bit tok post-tanning care. And to show you clearly, again, the numbers must not be missing:

  • carotenoids: 23 mg per 100 g of raspberry oil

Reason number 4: Essential fatty acids for demanding

Find in the composition83 essential fatty acidsn? It's still talk of raspberry oil. Not onlyOmega-6 or Omega-3, but also Omega-9. It's aboutlinoleic, alpha-linolenic and oleic acidswhich have an anti-inflammatory effect,protects the skin, moisturizes, promotes healing, regenerates and even retains moisture. Even very dry skin cannot withstand the power of raspberry seeds!

Reason number 5: Inflammation has no chance!

Already mentionedanti-inflammatory effects he also playfully puts avocado, grape or hazelnut oil in his pocket.Restore skin balance So it doesn't have to be hard enough to discover the magic of raspberries. Not only in the mouth, but also on the skin. All you have to do is include raspberry oil in your skin care. The rest will be taken care of by its amazing composition..

Reason number 6: Handy ellagic acid for a youthful look

Ellagic acid is another fighter for beautiful and vital skin.It prevents the loss of collagen and thus contributes to maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.And not only that. It protects against the sun and can even prevent skin cancer that no one likes. She's not great?

Reason number 7: Gifted and active phytosterolsy

And a similar function in raspberry oil is also played by phytosterols, whoseantioxidant activity prevents skin damage, supports its regeneration and can even push new collagen production. So you want to have always young and healthy skin without a mistake. Try to go on a date with raspberry oil. He's our new favorite hero!!

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