How to Choose the Right Perfume – For You

Finding your signature scent in the world of fragrances is not easy. From fruity floral to a woody musk, your signature scent should fit your personality and mood. But how to choose? Here are some tips for how to choose the right perfume for you.

1. Familiarize yourself with fragrance categories.

Perfumes also fall into several categories. To make your choice, orient yourself in the world of fragrances:


Interesting and no less popular are oriental perfumes. They tend to be musky, rich, slightly spicy, and distinctive. If you are attracted by the scents of the orient, you should definitely not miss Patch Noir, full of patchouli and sandalwood, or the elegant Zero 5, both from the Florascent brand.

  • Chypre scents are known for their earthy, woody tones with hints of oak, moss, and citrus. It's not hard to fall in love with them. Fiilit Waka Madagascar is such a typical fragrance.


Cooler perfumes resemble fresh grass or leaves, the scent of nature and freshness. With Hiram Green's debut Moon Bloom, this is exactly what you will find.


  • Fougere scent, of french fern is a strong family of fragrances, often in men's perfumes. You will find oak, moss, and herbs in them. Fiilit Saudade Amazonia or wood-saturated Wood by Elementals could be your perfume.

Ocean scents evoke experiences associated with the ocean. They are clean, with hints of spices and citrus. Not to be overlooked is Water by Elementals.


  • Woody scents are earthy and musky, and make you feel like heading to the forest. They often contain notes of pine, sandalwood, or cedar. A whiff of Wabi or Ruby Wood by Florascent and you will feel just that.


2. Understanding perfume layers.

Perfumes contain different tones in several layers to create the overall scent. That's why perfumes can smell differently when you try them in a perfumery or at home, where it fully develops on your skin. Give the perfume time and its true scent will appear. Therefore, get acquainted with the composition of fragrances:

  • Head: This is what you will feel when you first smell. These are tones that immediately hit your nose and evaporate quickly.
  • Heart: As the head of the perfume slowly dissipates, most of the scent – its heart – enters. These are distinctive and specific tones that smell for about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Base: The final phase of the scent is its base. These tones anchor the perfume in its entirety and are the main themes of the scent.

3. Discovering scents that you enjoy.

Before you start choosing a perfume, create a list of several scents that you simply enjoy. It can be the smell of clean linen, the aroma of fresh roses, or your favourite herbs. Then you will know what to focus on when you start to try out different fragrances.

4. The smell of your personality.

Think about your personality, or what mood you want to take on. If you do not wear makeup and are more natural, you may want to opt for a fresh, clean, or slightly spicy scent. If you want to feel slightly extravagant, then you may want a scent that immediately hits your surroundings.


You won't find out much about perfume from fragrance strips. Test mainly on the skin to see and wear the scent for at least a few days so that you know all its layers. You can also read the feelings and impressions of others who use the perfume. Bottom line: Buy samples first.

WONDERFUL TIP: We’ve made perfume shopping easy. Buy a sample of selected scents and test them for several days directly on your skin. If you decide to buy the full package, we will subtract the price of the sample from the price of the perfume.

6. Ask around.

Ask others directly what they think. This may seem counterintuitive, but asking someone you know well can help you narrow down your choices. Plus, you don’t want to wear a perfume that your loved ones will find too strong. But ultimately, let yourself be guided not only by the nose, but by your intuition, and in the end you find your signature scent for years to come.