6 důvodů, proč považujeme šípkový olej za WONDERFUL

6 reasons why we consider rosehip oil to be WONDERFUL

It is not at all difficult to adore vegetable oils. Treasures directly from nature often replace several cosmetic products, simplify the beauty routine and beautify the skin, nails and hair. Well, now imagine that it's time to meet another amazing person from the family of plant miracles this is a great rosehip oil, trada!! What he can do?

Rosehip oil is obtained from the seeds of rose bushes. It is known for its beneficial composition, which includes vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, the combination of which can transform your skin. Well, see for yourself. Or with rosehip oilm?

Daily dose of hydration

Rosehip oil can do one of the most important things your skin wants. Hydrate!It is a natural alternative to moisturize the skin. Even properly. Soaked and hydrated skin that surprises with a radiant and youthful appearance. And how to apply oils correctly The best option is always selected mixtures of oils or oil serums, which are simply applied to skin moisturized with, for example, flower water.And results Beautiful and radiant skin all day long..

Away with wrinkles!

Anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and E, contained in rosehip oil, fight side by side against the signs of aging.Rosehip oil is therefore also ideal for the care of mature skin. The miraculous composition of the oil can fight wrinkles much more, but also pigmentation. It helps to repair damaged skin and provides a strong protective antioxidant film, but without the typical oily feeling. Rejuvenate with rosehip oil that our grandmothers already knew.ky.

Time to shine

How much the miracle called rosehip oil can do Our other paragraphs will convince you that it is really amazing. Rosehip oil for you conjures glowing skin. It gently tightens the enlarged pores and, of course, brightens. How to start an affair with this surprise For beautiful skin after waking up, just tap a few drops on cleansed skin before going to bed. For sweet dreams and even sweeter awakening. Just sleep in beauty, as your grandmother said.ka).

Night care

If you need to regenerate your skin overnight, rosehip oil is an ideal nighttime helper. Thanks to the rich composition of rosehip oilduring your sleep will make sure thatthe skin remained hydrated, relaxed and unified – in short, ready for another wonderful day. It will especially please those who suffer from red spots or long for beautiful and unified skin.

For firm skin

It seems that your skin has lost elasticity. skin drop can be corrected by rosehip oil. A few drops applied to damp skin in front of the serum or just curl up with withered skin. You can use morning and evening and even small drops can do great things. Looking in the mirror will definitely convince you..

Say NO to scars!

Cosmetic trio that eliminates unsightly scars.Who is it? The already mentioned anti-inflammatory fatty acids together with vitamin A. In this connection, the oil helps to restore the skin to its original state, prevents oxidative damage and also helps rebuild much-needed collagen. As a result, it can also soften lines of wrinkles or rid you of stretch marks. Well, it's not perfect, as flawless as your skin can be.ť.