5 skincare rules for the softest baby skin

How to care for sensitive baby skin from birth to the first few years after? Pay attention to the following lines - we know what to look out for.
As well as what to focus on. The best reward is a happy baby and soft and healthy skin, isn't it?

Most mothers are aware of the importance of caring for sensitive baby skin. Baby's skin is sensitive, so it requires special care and increased attention. What exactly to use and what should you avoid? We will advise you.

Though why is the skin of the youngest so incredibly sensitive to external influences? The answer is simple. Although it has a high water content, skin moisture is minimal and the surface concentration of lipids is much lower than in adulthood.

The epidermal barrier is more exposed to chemical and microbial irritation. These are the main reasons why it is so difficult to choose suitable children's skincare products that protect the skin from imbalances.

Hypoallergenic products are the basis

You may think that your baby does not have such sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it is important to choose hypoallergenic products. They do not contain substances that could irritate sensitive skin. The right choice works to prevent skin problems - and it's worth it, isn't it?

Our tip: Baby Weleda line is absolutely amazing - after all, it's not our opinion, but the opinion of mothers shopping in our store. Try the calendula series. It protects, soothes and cares for the delicate skin of the little ones. Reliable and free of harmful substances.

Hygienic care? Of course!

As we have already mentioned, children's skin is not protected from external influences just because it is young and sensitive, but especially because of its properties, which are quite different from adult skin.

Due to the risk of irritation that can be caused by bacteria, it is important to follow strict hygiene principles. Every mother knows that it is possible to take care of the skin of the youngest child while adhering to hygienic standards. Nothing complicated, is it?

Softness of a feather 

The softness of children's skin - another reason to put love and tenderness into skin care. Apart from gentle and mild cosmetics, all baby products should be just as gentle. Even a baby towel should be made of soft natural materials that don't irritate the skin. Also choose baby bath helpers with caution - are they gentle enough? Are they easy and thorough to clean?

No harmful chemistry? Clearly!

Do you want to make sure that no harmful substances get into the baby's body? Choose natural products for children. These contain natural ingredients that  pamper delicate baby skin. Forget silicones, petroleum components, parabens, harmful dyes and other synthetic substances. What you put on your skin easily gets into your body - you certainly don't want to give the youngest children a chemical cocktail.

The simpler - the better

Beauty is simplicity. Yes, this also applies to the skin care of babies and young children. The skin is much thinner, so it does not deserve to be a tester of several different products at once. So forget about the experiments and try it with minimalist care rituals. Washing is enough several times a week in clean water (buttocks, of course, several times a day as needed).

What about your favorite helpers - baby wipes?
Conventional ones do not have a composition that would be suitable for vulnerable children's skin. So choose wet wipes that are organic and do not contain anything that does not belong on the baby's skin. In the bath you can consider the presence of natural baby oil. Even a small amount will do a great service. Before hydrating skin after a bath, it is good to dry the baby thoroughly but gently. Done!

Our tip: Children's care is not just about products applied directly to the skin. Children's skin and its condition is also affected by, for example, washing powder. Use gentle detergents. How about hypoallergenic Marseille soap? The whole family will love it!

What are the other principles?

What else is good to consider? In the children's skincare, attention also applies to the scapl and, of course, protection against the sun rays must not be missing. Choose and have a baby shampoo with a natural composition, don't forget the need to protect your baby's skin from the sun.

The use of mineral filters (never in nanoparticles) is offered so that you do not use harmful substances for the smallest ones. Physical filters in natural sunscreens do not penetrate the skin, but effectively reflect UV. This is the only way you can enjoy moments together in the sun without worries - and without unnecessary skin damage. After all, it's not so complicated with children's skin - you won't be confused ... with nature.

Natural products are gentle, their composition is simple and their effects ... priceless.

Discover the tenderness of nature for the softness of baby's skin. After all, Mother Nature is the most famous mother ever!