3 věci, kterými vás oleje překvapí

3 things that will surprise you with oils

They take care not only of hydrated and radiant skin. He can do so much more, whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, try it beneficial power of natural oils.You playfullyIt turns with impurities, acne and aging and your skin approaches perfection..

Quality, cold pressed oils in BIO quality are an essential part of our cosmetic bags. And because we enjoy their effects, we will share with you right awaythree reasons why we will not let them go. Some may surprise you. And if you try it with them, you will also be surprised by beautiful, nourished and healthy skin, and it's worth it!!

Perfectly clean, perfectly removed

There are many ways to remove impurities and makeup from the skin after a hard day. Some are lengthy, others ineffective. However, we know one thatcleanses the skin, removes even waterproof makeup and even moisturizes, all in one step.. The result is soft and supple skin, ready for other products that are part of your beauty routine. There is nothing secret about that option, just try ite make-up removal with oils. What you need A face towel, oil mix or oil-based make-up balm..

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Make-up balm from red berries

TIP:If you do not want to look for a mix of oils suitable for your skin, you can reach for the bestseller, which is pleasantmake-up balm based on red berry butter from Biofficina Toscana. It contains a combination of rosehip, jojoba, grape and almond organic oil and beeswax. It deeply cleanses the skin and leaves it velvety soft. In addition, it smells delicately but beautifully just after the red berries, you will simply enjoy this..

So how about an evening ritual Apply an oil-based make-up balm to your palms or your own combination of oils that suit your skin, you can simply try on which ones are right for your skin. With a short massage, remove makeup and impurities, so you can treat yourself to a little relaxation throughout the day, which will relax the tense muscles in your face. Finally, simply gently wipe off the dirt with a towel soaked in warm water before use.. Make-up removal with oils is gentle and you will easily fall in love with it just for simplicity. But that's not all oils can do!

Oil cleansing method

Imagine that in addition to make-up removal, oils can also perfectly cleanse the skin. You have heard about the OCM method. So this is the option of cleansing the skin a small miracle that can restore your skin to balance in a few days to weeks.You are bothered by skin impurities, blackheads, enlarged and clogged pores or even acne. Many of the problems listed have their origins in the use of conventional cosmetics, which are full of harmful chemicals. The skin also defends itself and, as a result, manifests itself in imperfections..

Oil cleansing of the skin is the complete opposite of the suffering of the skin with chemicals, alcohol toners and silicone creams, it is simply a matter of pampering it. Vegetable oils with the help of warm water help to rid the skin of impurities, effectively clean the pores deeply and even nourish and hydrate it. The oil is cleaned in the same way as we wrote in the case of make-up removal. Massage with your own oil mix can take even 15 minutes, do not rush. After this step, warm the face with a hot towel, then wipe off the remnants of the oil mix. It is best to try OCM for example during a hot shower or bath. It is this easy process that can not only cleanse and feed the skin with nutrients, but can also get rid of acne. Precisely because he gets her back in shape.Balanced skin does not show imperfections – she is healthy. So if you are bothered by unpleasant acne symptoms, start with yourself. In addition to a balanced diet, drinking regime and self-love, bet on oil-based skin cleansing. If you don't relax, the results will come soon and you will fall in love with looking in the mirror.

Oily skin Give it oilj

You may be surprised by this statement, but it is oily skin that requires ... more oil care!If the skin is oily, it may be a sign of dryness or careless handling and thus we get back to the vicious circle, which is the use of ordinary cosmetics full of harmful substances. Let yourself be pampered by nature. Vegetable organic oils provide the skin with such hydration that it will no longer need excessive sebum production. Jojoba, cranberry or prickly pear oil are great adepts for caring oils for oily or combination skin. Individual selection and patience when trying will guarantee that you will find the right mix of oils that will take care of your beauty. And so the days may come whenthe best makeup will be your clean and healthy skin.

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Cleansing / make-up removing beneficial oil

TIP:If you decide to try natural skin oils, we recommend mixing your own oil mix, suitable for your skin type. However, if you want to prefer a proven combination that is full of the best of nature, you can provide skinelixir of youth from lODAÏTÈSS. A balanced combination of prickly pear and jojoba oil together with essential oils of rosemary and neroli brightens the skin. The elixir also turns with pimples thanks to the healing effects of the prickly pear. In addition, the only product also has anti-aging and nourishing effects. It doesn't leave you feeling greasy, but it leaves you feeling beautiful skin. And that's what it's all about, because in the end it won't just be a feeling, but really beautiful skin..