3 důvody, proč vsadit na dokonalé rty díky BIO rtěnkám

3 reasons to bet on perfect lips thanks to BIO lipsticks

Lipstick a little big friend, thanks to which your lips are sensual and perfect in a single moment, whether you want to look natural or reach for more challenging shades.. Lipsticks are often a passion for their wearer, a reference to her authenticity, an accessory that underlines her flawless appearance. One way to pamper yourself and make yourself happy is with the BIO lipstick chapter itself. You can not only color your lips, but also pamper them when you bet on the right cosmetics..

Reason number one: You are what you eat!

Natural BIO lipsticks form organic ingredients, no chemicals and toxic substances. Where else to pay attention to the composition than just on the lips It is proven that The average woman eats up to two pounds of this supplement in her lifetime for her beauty. And that's not enough when we think of the typicalcomposition of conventional lipsticks lead, parabens, synthetic dyes and other poisons..

If you are one of the women who often and likes to use lipstick on a daily basis, then pay attention. Consumption of ingredients that you have been applying to your lips for years may not go unnoticed. Natural lipsticks can be a suitable alternative. These compete with those commonly used not only by pigmentation and endurance, but above all by composition. The clean composition is not only safe but also caring. So why have beautiful lips just made up, when with caring BIO lipstick they can be nourished and gorgeous all the time?

Reason number two: BIO does not mean poor quality

You may be asking and what if natural lipstick does not meet my expectations? Fear can set aside. Even natural cosmetics are alreadyaffordable, high quality and spoiled – and meet the requirements of even the most demanding lovers of perfect make-up.

BIO lipstick yourit can surprise with a rich selection of shades, pleasant high pigmentation and long-lasting durability. There is nothing easier than finding your shade andtry '' pure '' lipstick. Simply and easily why make compromises in decorative cosmetics when you may want the best for yourself Even when buying care products, you are carefully looking and trying to find your way around and find cosmetics that really care, works and is not dangerous for your body and surroundings.lí.

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Reason number three: With love and care

Lips can be chic without drying them out.Lipstick that colors or tones, and at the same time cares perfectly – it is not magical, it is simply organic. If you like to be pampered, then natural lipstick must definitely not be missing in your cosmetic drawer or handbag. The caring composition will make sure that you are in love with your make-up lips, as well as after make-up removal.

The ingredients that natural lipsticks contain are the exact opposite of conventional INCI lipsticks, which are commonly available in drugstores. It is worth mentioning our good old partner by nameCastor oil.The lipstick helps to soften, nourish, protect and regenerate the delicate skin of the lips. By his sidesesame oil also fights for nice lips. In addition, it hydrates and heals. NeededIt also delivers excellent nutritionolive oil. The last important ingredient is magicshea butter, which we love for its nourishing and antioxidant effects.Our arguments have already convinced you. If not, try one of oursh lipstick Miss W.Miss Amazing will certainly convince you thanks to its high pigmentation and purity of composition.Warning: We are not responsible for causing addiction to natural cosmetics.