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About Wonderful

The world of outstanding products that work incredibly well look good and contain the finest natural and organic ingredients. Discover the best of European independent brands under one roof: premium natural and organic skincare, exciting niche fragrances, great nutritional supplements and amazing eco-cleaning wonders. Every brand is wonderful and has a compelling story to tell. Indulge in pampering yourself, your loved ones and your home while caring for the planet. It's possible. It's Wonderful! 

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From France With Love


Discover completely natural, rejuvenating and exceptional age-defying skincare with an opulent scent of neroli. Fall in love at the first stroke!

Pamper yourself with L'Odaïtès


Speed of delivery, fragrant, natural and effective products. I love your cosmetics. I'm addicted to your natural skincare! I like the feeling when my skin is happily hydrated while knowing that I give the best to my skin.

Tereza Lojínová

So far, probably the best serum I've ever had is Le Serum from Théophile Berthon (and I tried many). As has been said many times here in the reviews, although the serum is composed mainly of oils, it is not greasy at all, and its application is delightful. It soaks in quickly, and the skin is so lovely and tense after it almost immediately. ;-) So now I finally understand why this serum is so popular, and I would say that I will no longer use other serums. Long live natural cosmetics and Wonderful! ;-)

Vivi Langer

The beneficial elixir of youth is fantastic and believe me; I can't imagine a morning and evening skincare ritual without it.

Lenka Pítrová

Overall, I am delighted with natural cosmetics from L’Odaïtès. However, it may seem expensive, you only need to use a small amount, and it replaces the need for using many other products. 

Alexandra Šusterová

Miss W organic makeup applies beautifully and does not make maps. It blends in with the skin and looks beautiful naturally. It's a perfect makeup for me.

Monika Fibichová

I bought the Age-defying Elixir from L’Odaïtès on the recommendation of YouTuber Beauty by Katty. It is excellent; it has a pleasant scent and makes the skin beautifully and soft. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film. I have combination skin, and it suits me perfectly.

Radka Prousková

I made my first order at Wonderful following the recommendation of my favourite youtube channel "Milano Style" with the fantastic Milan, who can talk about cosmetics like few others. I only have a lipstick from Miss W for a while, but it's already my new addiction. ;-) Beautiful colour, fantastic texture and pigmentation and also a great composition - all of it (and other tried and tested products of the Miss W brand) - makes it a"must-have". I'm already looking for more shades. ;-) By the way - the order from Wonderful arrived at lightning speed, and that also counts.

I look forward to more purchases.

Vivi Langer

The Age-defying Beuty Elixir from C.Lavie is fantastic. It is odourless, quickly absorbing and does not smell on the skin. I use it as the final step of the evening routine in combination with a Floral Water. The serum leaves the skin perfectly nourished. It is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin.

Marie Jonasová

Nourishing Make-up Removal Oil from L'Odaïtès is a genuinely exceptional oil, and I don't even like oils! Together with water, it forms an emulsion which entirely cleanses the skin and removes all traces of make-up, including around the eyes. And I have sensitive eyes. I use the oil with a wet towel, and it leaves my skin smooth as baby skin. It is a luxurious product, and you only need a little amount. Important is not to use it on dry skin but make sure to apply on damp or wet skin. 

Lucie Dolejší
Tan. Playful and healthy.
Now in action 2 + 1 for free.
Biosolis, natural protective sun cosmetics.
I want to sunbathe
An ally against wrinkles
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Olive leaf extract, anti-aging fighter.
Time to brighten the skin

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